• Balthazar, son of Pierre d'AGOULT and Nn COUTON, married to Nn GUEYRARD in 1646.
  • Etienne †/1599, married to Catherine PAUL.
  • Jacques /1620-, son of Jean and Marguerite FABRON, married to Anne MICHEL in 1640.
  • Jacques ca 1650-ca 1699, son of Jacques and Anne MICHEL, married to Jeanne DECUGIS in 1689.
  • Jean ca 1580-1640/, son of Etienne and Catherine PAUL, married to Marguerite FABRON in 1599.
  • Marie Madeleine ca 1690-/1714, daughter of Jacques and Jeanne DECUGIS, married to Gaspard GAUTIER in 1709.
  • Pierre Louis 1771-1840, son of Jean-André GAUTIER d'AGOTY and Nn NN X GAUTIER d'AGOTY.