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  • Born about 980 - Sweden
  • Deceased in 1066 - Sweden,aged about 86 years old

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Stenkil (Old Norse Steinkel) (10281066) was a Jarl and King of Sweden from 1060 to his death. According to the Hervarar Saga, he was the son of Ragnvald Ulfsson, the earl of Staraja Ladoga, and Astrid Nialsdotter. He is consequently said to have been the great-grandson of the legendary viking Skagul Toste. Stenkil grew up in Staraja Ladoga, but when his father died, his mother moved with him to Sweden and married Emund the Old the king of Sweden. When Emund died, Stenkil was elected king.

According to the Hervarar Saga, he was married to Maria Anundsdotter, the daughter of the former king Anund Jacob, and consequently the son-in-law of the former king Emund the Old. This saga also related that he was a powerful man of noble descent. His mother, Astrid, was the grand-daughter of Finn Skjalge, the son of Njal of Hålogland in Norway. This was the first time a person was elected king and did not belong to a house of the kings of old. Stenkil was a great chieftain and died in his bed in Sweden about the time that Harald Hardrada of Norway died in England. The date of his death is ironic as he had actively supported Harald's competitor for the throne of Norway and could thus never profit from his investments.

Stenkil had several children among whom were Halsten and Inge who also became kings of Sweden. The other sons were Olof Noseking and the eldest son, Erik Stenkilsson who died in 1067 during battle for the crown. He also had a daughter who married Blot-Sven.

Stenkil was a relatively popular king. The church lauded him for helping the missionary Adalvard establish a bishop in Sigtuna. He was a great archer and Norwegian sources describe him as fat and heavy and a good man to drink with.

Preceded by:
Emund the Old King of Sweden Succeeded by:
Erik Stenkilsson

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