• Born in 931 - Italy
  • Deceased 16 December 999 - Seltz, Alsace, France,aged 68 years old


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On the side of Bertha Of Swabia 907-961


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Also known as
Adelaide of Burgundy; Adelaide of Italy; Adelheid
16 December
Daughter of King Rudolf II (Rupert II) of Upper Burgundy. Promised at age two in an arranged marriage as part of a treaty between Rudolf and Hugh of Provence. Married at age 16 to Lothair of Italy, who eventually became king of Italy. Widowed in 950 while still a teenager; Lothair was probably poisoned by his successor to the throne, Berengarius. As part of his attempt to solidify his grip on power, Berengarius ordered Adelaide to marry his son; she refused, and was imprisoned. She was freed soon after when the German king Otto the Great defeated Berengarius.

Adelaide married Otto in Pavia, Italy in 951. He was crowned Emperor in Rome in 952, and Adelaide reigned with him for 20 years. Widowed in 973, she was ill-treated by her step-son, Emperor Otto II and his wife Theophano, but eventually reconciled with her royal in-laws.

When Otto II died in 983, he was succeeded by his infant son, Otto III. Theophano acted as regent, and since she still did not like Adelaide, used her power to exile her from the royal court. Theophano died in 991, and Adelaide returned once again to the court to act as regent for the child emperor. She used her position and power to help the poor, evangelize, especially among the Slavs, and to build and restore monasteries and churches. When Otto III was old enough, Adelaide retired to the convent of Selta near Cologne, a house she had built. Though she never became a nun, she spent the rest of her days there in prayer.
c.931 at Burgundy, France
999 at the monastery of Selta (Seltz), Alsace of natural causes
1097 by Pope Urban II
abuse victims; brides; empresses; exiles; in-law problems; parenthood; parents of large families; people in exile; princesses; prisoners; second marriages; step-parents; victims of abuse; widows
empress dispensing alms and food to the poor, often beside a ship
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Count Konrad II Of Auxerre 835-881 Judith Of Friuli 845-863..881 King Boso I Of Provence ca 850-887 Princess Ermengard of the Holy Roman Empire ca 853-/896 Duke Burchard I Of Swabia 865- Liutgard Of Saxony ca 845-885 Count Eberhard I Of Thurgau 867-899 ? ?




| | | |
King Rudolf I Of Burgundy 859-912 Princess Willa Of Provence 867-921 Duke Burchard II Of Swabia 884-926 Regilindis Of Sulichgau 889-958


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King Rudolf II Of Burgundy 899-937 Bertha Of Swabia 907-961

Saint Adelaide Of Burgundy 931-999