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3rd Earl of Bothwell

  • Born in 1512 - Bothwell, Scotland
  • Deceased - Scotland


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On the side of Agnes Stewart ca 1480-1557


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Patrick Hepburn, 3rd Earl of Bothwell
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Patrick Hepburn, 3rd Earl of Bothwell was born in 1512. His father was Adam Hepburn, who died at the Battle of Flodden the year after Patrick's birth.

Patrick Hepburn was known as the Fair Earl. He owed this more to his looks than his character, being described as "fair and white" whilst a young boy.

He was imprisoned in 1529 for two years for harbouring robbers. Once released he decided to exact revenge by beginning a treasonable correspondence with England. He then spent much of the next years in England, and after James V died at the Battle of Solway Moss, Hepburn signed a pact with Henry VIII promising to serve him and aid the commitment of the then infant Mary Queen of Scots into Henry's custody.

Hepburn married at the age of 21 on one of his return visits to Scotland, where he married Agnes Sinclair, who gave birth to his son James.

Despite having sworn loyalty to Henry VIII, Hepburn was awarded an annual pension of £1,000 from Mary of Guise (Mary Queen of Scots' mother) in return for his fidelity. Hepburn believed there was the possibility of marrying into royalty, so much so that he organised a divorce from his wife. However, he soon realized the prospects for royal marriage were thin and despite Henry VIII engaging in the bloody invasion of Scotland Hepburn resumed correspondence with England.

In the intervening years, Hepburn played a pivotal role in the death of George Wishart.

In 1548 Hepburn renounced his loyalty to the Scottish crown and became a pensioner of England, to the tune of £3,000 annually. However he returned to Scotland when in 1554 Mary of Guise forgave him. Two years later he died and his titles passed to his son James, who would go on to become the third husband of Mary Queen of Scots.
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Adam Hepburn, Master of Hailes 1435-1479 Helen Home 1439-1512 George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly /1445-1501 Princess Annabella Of Scotland ca 1432-1509/ James "Black Knight Of Lorn" Stewart ca 1383- Joan Beaufort, Queen of Scotland 1404-1445 Patrick Murray ca 1422- ? ?




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Patrick Hepburn, 1st Earl of Bothwell /1466-1508 Lady Margaret Gordon 1476- James "Hearty James" Stewart 1442-1499 Margaret Murray ca 1446-


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Adam Hepburn, 2nd Earl of Bothwell 1492-1513 Agnes Stewart ca 1480-1557

Patrick Hepburn, 3rd Earl of Bothwell 1512-