• Born about 1028 - Västergötland, Sweden
  • Deceased in 1079 - Sweden,aged about 51 years old


 Spouses and children


On the side of King Stenkil Of Sweden ca 980-1066


Individual Note

Haakon the Red
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Håkan the Red became king, 1070-1079, although he was a Christian after the Swedes rebelled against the Anund Gårdske because he did not want to worship the Norse gods. Håkan was probably an illegitimate son of Stenkil's. The cognomen red refers to his red hair.

He is said to have been from Västergötland and he ruled for thirteen years until he died from an illness. During the last years he ruled together with Stenkil's son Ingold I.

He had the runestone U 11 made on Adelsö in Mälaren.
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Preceded by:
Anund Gårdske King of Sweden Succeeded by:
Ingold I

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 Family Tree Preview

    King Olof III *Skotkonung* Of Sweden 985-ca 1022 Estrid of the Obotrites ca 979-  

  King Emund the Old Of Sweden 1003-1060 ? ?

King Stenkil Of Sweden ca 980-1066 Princess Ingamoder Of Sweden ca 1019-

King Haakon I *the Red* Of Sweden ca 1028-1079