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 Marie Henriette

  • BAUVAIS 1830-1896, daughter of Joseph and Marie Claudine PERRIN, married to Vincent GRUEL in 1949
  • BLANC 1828, daughter of Jean Louis and Marie Benoite MARTIN, with Père INCONNU
  • CHARNAY 1823-1911, daughter of Claude Denis and Marie Denise MARQUET, married to Philippe Eloi MARQUET in 1843
  • FAVIER 1832-, daughter of Claude Joseph and Marie Claudine FORAY, married to Claude Joseph BONHOMME in 1851
  • GIROUD 1808-1874, daughter of Joseph and Marie Benoite SOCHAY, married to Louis Marie VEILLE in 1827
  • GUICHON 1857-1918, daughter of Jean François and Marie Pierrette RIGAUD, married to Pierre Joseph CULAT in 1877, Claude Marie PYON in 1907
  • HAMELIN, married to Joseph Marie LAURENCIN in 1858
  • PAUGET 1840-1878, daughter of Jean Louis and Marie Laurence BADOUX, married to Jean Marie Ferdinand LACHARD
  • PONCET 1805, daughter of Jacques Philibert and "Marie" Joseph CONVERT, married to Denis Joseph BEREZIAT in 1833
  • SALOMON 1856-, daughter of Claude and Jeanne Marie MOISSONNIER
  • TIRAND 1813-1883, daughter of Joseph and Marie Josephte MORTEL, married to Marie "Barthélémy" ARBAN in 1841