John Michael

  • Bender 1733-1810, son of Leonhardt and Maria Margaret Baer, married to Maria Margaretha Daubenberger in 1759
  • Cieklinski 1886-1971, with Eva Rozwora, Eva R Razwora
  • Crowley 1902-1972, son of Andrew James and Bertha Matilda Feichtinger, married to Anna M Troxell in 1937
  • Deinderfer 1877-1969, son of John Conrad and And Margaret Bretz
  • Lowry 1760-1833, married to MARY ANNA MARIA WASHABAUGH in 1781
  • Pastras, son of John and Sandra Jean Young
  • Rammel 1831-1909, with Elizabeth "Lessa" Sinning
  • Reagan 1854-1889, son of Michael and Catherine Mulcahey, married to Jennie Cusick in 1878