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(Alfred Henry Alf)

  • Born 22 July 1906 - Hawkinge Kent, England
  • Deceased 3 August 1997 - Sunnybank, Brisbane, Qld, Australia,aged 91 years old
  • Buried 5 August 1997 - Brisbane, Lawn Cemetry Mt Gravatt, Qld, Auatralia Grave L1-255
  • Carpentar


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Individual Note

Address: 7 Delafield St/Sunnybank, Queensland 4109/Australia

Phone: 07-3345 7164

Height: 5 ft. 8 in.

Weight: 168 lb. 0 oz.

Alfred Henry Waters was born on the 22nd July 1906 in the Registration District Elham, in the Sub District of Folkestone, County of Kent England. His birth certificate states he was born at Pantile Lodge Hawkinge. His birth was registerd on the 20th August 1906
In 1906 he migrated to Australia when he was four (4) years old with his parents William and Lillian Waters. He was one of eight children four boys and four girls. He lived at Abbeywood, Proston, Queensland where he attended the Abbeywood State School.

The following is an extract from the book "Heartbreak, Hope & Harmony, a History of the Wondai Shire " published in 2008.
On Saturday 7 th November 1964 the school celebrated its 50 th Anniversary and was still functioning in its original building.
The Abbeywood State School was opened in 1914 and closed in 1969. Some of the first day pupils were Eustace Stan Waters, Alredf Waters, Albert Lain, Jim Smith, Mrs Wes Parrish, Mrs Violet Harper, Mrs Ivy Coulson sisters of (Alf & Stan Waters), John McGovern, Harold Glanville, Maurice Glanville, Harold Grace, Sid Grace, Doris Glanville, Arthur Scott, Mrs Millie Tryhorn, Mrs Agnes Taylor.

He grew up in the Proston area until he left home in his mid twenties and worked his way to North Queensland where he worked as a carpenter in the Cairns and Atherton Tablelands districts.
Alfred returned to the Abbeywood district after many years in North Queensland where he is registered in the 1936 Electoral Roll in the Division of Maranoa subdivision of Gayndah as well as his mother and father and three brothers.
In 1943 Alf was registered on the 1943 Electrol Roll in the division of Capricornia subdivision Gladstone and residing at Biloela as a farmer.

During this time he accumulated sufficient money to purchase a farm at Biloela which is located in the North Burnett district in Queensland. Alf built the family home on this farm which was located on the road to Moura. It was a corrugated iron construction on the outside and lined with V-J pine boards on the inside.
Alfred romanced Elsie Hatchett who lived at Abbeywood, Proston, and the daughter of neighbours of his parents. They became engaged and married in Proston on 16th December, 1939.

Alfred and Elsie lived on their farm at Biloela where they also purchased a second and third farm. Alf's older brother Len lived about ten miles away on a farm without a house. Lens family lived in a corrugated iron and bark humpy with a dirt floor. When Alf purchased his third farm there was a good house there. Alf & Len demolished this house and rebuilt it on Lens farm.
During this time Elsie gave birth first to a son, Colin Alfred, then a daughter Valerie Dawn, followed by another daughter Beverley Joy.
The intense heat in the North Burnett did not suit Alfred's fair English complexion. This coupled with the distance his children would have to ride bikes to school, 4 miles over unsealed roads, with creeks that flooded, convinced Alfred it was time to sell.
His next move was to a farm at Mapleton near Nambour, on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. This farm was a mixed dairy and pineapple farm where the cream was sent to the Nambour Butter Factory and the pineapples were sent to the Melbourne Markets. Again his English complexion and pineapples did not mix. He sold this farm after only twelve months.

He purchased another farm in the South Burnett at Murgon. This was a dairy and grain farm from which Alf supplied milk to the Murgon Milk / Butter Factory Co-op. Alf, Elsie and their children prospered here until Alfred retired at the age of 60 years. All three children went to the Murgon Primary School continuing on to High School with all three completing their studies at Junior Level, Year 10.

Alf rebuilt the farm dairy & upgraded the milk vats to accommodate refrigerated bulk milk supplied to the local dairy co-op factory in Murgon.
He renovated the existing farm house in 1958 and installed electricity for the first time. The district power authority ran the power lines through the Waters property thus providing them with electricity for the first time in their lives.

Alf retired from the Murgon farm in 1966. They bought a house block in Harm Street Murgon where they built a weather board house. They lived here for 9 years.

This was a good time for Alf, where he had a large vegetable garden out the back and he grew a large variety of vegetables, of which he was proud to show off to visitors when they arrived.
After all their children moved away from Murgon they again decided to sell in 1975 and move to Brisbane where one daughter, Beverley, and their son Colin lived. They both also had brothers and sisters living in Brisbane.
They purchased a block of land in 1975 at 7 Delafield St, Sunnybank Brisbane and built a brick house of which Alfred was very proud. They lived here until Alfred passed away at home, on 3rd August, 1997 at the age of 91 years,

He was buried at the Mt Gravatt Lawn Cemetery Brisbane. Elsie continued to live in the family home up to 2002. When she was unable to care for herself she was moved by the family to a nursing home called Algester Lodge in the suburb of Algester in Brisbane where she passed away in September 2007.

Alfred owned a number of cars during his life time such as the ones listed below;
Cars: Model T Ford 1930
Ford V8 Ute 1939
Morris Cowley Ute 1950
Ford Zephyr Sedan 1957
Ford Falcon Fairmont Sedan 1965
Toyota Corona Sedan 1982 (The Toyota remained in the James family until 2007 and has finally been sold).
He also owned a Fordson Major Tractor which was his pride and joy. There is a photo of the tractor in Alf's scrapbook.

Alf grew many crops on the farm consisting mainly of Sorghum. Millet, Barley and Oats which was harvested for the grain. He would sell most of the grain as an income and retain a large number of bags for feed for the dairy cows which was fed to the cows when dry times came and there was not enough green feed for the cows to eat.
The Fordson Tractor was used for many things such as ploughing the fields for planting grain crops and harvesting and also for grinding up the grain which was fed to the dairy cows. The tractor was also used to transport the milk cans to the road side when the farm road was too boggy for the milk truck to enter
Alf was retired for 31 years and in that time he & Elsie travelled to many places in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs and finally to New Zealand with his brother in-law Eric Venz and Elsie's sister Grace.
Alfred died of old age in the family home with his wife and daughters by his side. Alf had a good life with only a few visits to hospitals in his life time. He was buried in the Mt Gravatt Lawn Cemetery in Brisbane. The dual grave Number is 255 in Portion L1

Elsie was 89 yrs &10 months old when she passed away and was also buried in Grave Number 255 on the 4th Oct 2007.

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James WATERS 1845-1932 Elizabeth Ann CHAPMAN 1846-1927 William Henry HOTTEN 1845-1933 Emma PHILLIMORE 1839-1923

William WATERS 1880-1947 Lillian Maud HOTTEN 1879-1972

Alfred Henry WATERS 1906-1997