Sosa :105,769,112
(Ferdinand II de Leon King Of LeÃn)
King Of LeÃn

  • Born in 1137 - LeÃn, Spain
  • Deceased 21 January 1188 - Benavente, Italy,aged 51 years old


 Spouses and children



On the side of Alfonso VII de Bourgogne 1105-1157


Individual Note

Acceded: 1157

Ancestry of
Richard Plantagenet and Cecily De Neville A Royal Study and
Chartin g to the Begining, Kraentzler, Ernst-Friedrich, 17
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EuropÃische Stammtafeln (Isenburg edition), Prince Wilhelm
Karl von Isenburg, Verlag von J.A. Stargardt, Marburg, pub.
1975, original 1953, chart 69

Family Note

Marriage with Urraca Capet:
1 _UID 70BB303CF562D711A9FB00045A84CDFC2515

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!MARRIAGE:large-G675.FTW, large-G675.FTW

!MARRIAGE:large-G675.FTW, large-G675.FTW

!MARRIAGE:large-G675.FTW, large-G675.FTW

Marriage with Theresa x:
1 _UID 377B2D3CF562D711A9FB00045A84CDFCA99B

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  • Individual:
    - Anne Arundel County Library - 940.09 - Debrett's Kings and Queens of Europe - David Williamson - David Williamson - 1988 Salem House Publishers, Topsfield, Massachusets - p. 42
    - DATABASE: Genealogy.EU - Miroslav MAREK , miramarek a - Miroslav MAREK , miramarek a - May 2004. This resource has numerous sources and links to other genealogy databases of royalty in various languages, mainly from Eastern Europe. Mr. Marek is based in the Czech Republic, but his site is entirely in English. All surnames enclosed in parentheses are the family grouping assigned by Genealogy.EU. - 2 JAN 2010
    - DATABASE: University of Hull Royal Database (England) - Brian Tompsett - Brian Tompsett - 2 JAN 2010
  • Family 1, family 2: GEDCOM File : gsilver extract.ged - Gary Silverstein - Gary Silverstein - gary44238 a - I downloaded this file from the Ancestry Family Tree. I have no information on the competency of its compiler. Although I have been able to verify some information from other sources, I have also noted many errors and mythology. Do not accept this record as true until you have independently verified its accuracy.
    Names in parentheses indicate the name is not known to me. Any help in identifying the names is appreciated.
    Clinton Shatzer, May 2, 2003 - 2 MAY 2003

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 Family Tree Preview

Raimond de Bourgogne ca 1065-1108 Urraca de Leon, Queen Of Castile & LeÃn 1082-1126 Ramon III "el Grande" Berenguer 1080-1131 Dulcia I de Gevaudun 1095-/1130

Alfonso VII de Bourgogne 1105-1157 Berenguela Berenguer 1116-1149

Ferdinand II de Leon, King Of LeÃn 1137-1188