Sosa :744
  • Born October 29, 1777 - Svensköp, Malmohus, Sweden
  • Baptized November 2, 1777 - Svensköp, Malmohus, Sweden
  • Deceased November 6, 1833 - Gustav, Malmöhus, Sweden,aged 56 years old
  • Buried November 17, 1833 - Gustav, Malmöhus, Sweden


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Individual Note

The information was taken from the Book:

The information was taken from the Book: Hogestadsfolket, 1 Svenskops Socken, Genom 600 AR written by Karl-Erik Rignell published in Malmo 1988. This book was written in Sweden and was given to Diane Volmer by Maj-Britt Hilbur.

Several Svens and Hannas!

In Swedish records, these names are very common. Please pay attention to places and dates and have sources ready before changing things. There were about 5 different Sven and Hanna families that were mashed together and it took a very long time to clean it up. Sources were attached to each of the families to show the differences and new Svens and Hannas were "created" to make sure no one was lost. A lot of research and care went into this effort so please make sure your additions and changes have been well researched as well.


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Matthew Franklin De Angelo [cis.user.MMMF-PS1F]

E Hewitt Ries [cis.user.MMMM-1K5P]

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Richard B. Anderson [cis.user.MMMM-M2W2]

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Family Note

Marriage with Hanna Nilsdotter


Sweden Marriage Records from Gödelöf, Malmöhus, found in Gödelöf Banns and Marriages C2, page 45, bottom of page


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 Family Tree Preview

sosa Anders Jonsson ca 1745-1809 sosa Elsa Mattisdotter ca 1752-1807

sosa Sven Andersson 1777-1833