• Born 21 August 1807 - Paramaribo, Suriname
  • Baptized 15 November 1807 - Paramaribo, Suriname
  • Deceased 10 March 1849 - Paramaribo, Suriname,aged 41 years old
  • Buried - Paramaribo, Suriname


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BIRTH: "15 November 1807, was baptized by Dominee J.A. Kasper, an illegitimate child, Floris Colin [Adney] born 21 August 1807. The father is Henry Adney and mother Jansie Marie Vanscholenberg. Witness: Hendrina Francina --- of the E. Luth. Rel."
Floris Colin Adney Loan 8 March 1821.
National Archive, Den Haag, Netherlands. Archive call number: 2.10.01, 3378 no. 257. It is a decision of the governor on a petition from Daniel Coronel. It is not mentioned in this decision but it looks like Daniel has lent out some money to Floris. Anyway, the High Court (Geregtshof) from Suriname has convicted Floris to give the money back. J. Heshuijzen was the guarantee for the payment back to Daniel. Probably Floris did not pay back yet the money and Daniel ask the governor to arrest Floris?
[E-mail from John Sang-Ajang to Elizabeth �eLesa Muir Pringle dated 11 December 2010]
PLANTATIONS: 1843 Plantation Lists for Suriname (Stichting voor Surinaamse Genealogie). Plantation name: Misgunst. Slaves: 1. Concessie (Acres?): 500. Product: kweek (nursery). Owners: Muntz, Wed. J. Director: Bewoond door. Administrator: Adney, F.C. River or creek: Saramacca (benecen). Left Side.
Historic Suriname Database: Vrij en Suriname [nationaalarchief.nl]
Slave Manumissions:
Geer, Cornelia Wilhelmina. Slavename: Wilhelmina. Female. Occupation: peddler. Owner/emancipator: C.L.G. Amson; previous owner F.C. Adney…government resolution: 21 September 1848, no. 1211.
Geer, Elisabeth Anna Maria. Slavename: Maria. Female. Occupation: too young. Owner/emancipator: C.L.G. Amson; previous owner F.C. Adney…government resolution: 21 September 1848, no. 1211. Daughter of Cornelia Wilhelmina Geer.
Holler, Johanna. Slavename: Maria. Female. Occupation: cook. Owner/emancipator: A.F. Van Amson curator ad hoc (126: F.C. Adney; 6799 A.F. Van Amson curator ad hoc and came from F.C. Adney. Government resolution: 13 Aug 1850, no. 1063. Born 1801.
FLORIS COLIN ADNEY- Wijkregisters of Paramaribo, Suriname. [son of Henry Adney & Jansie Heshuysen][Born 21 Aug 1807]
1828, Zwartenhovenbrugstraat 436, Floris Colin Adney, 20 years old, apprentice mason, Dutch Reformed. [1808]
1837, Zwartenhovenbrugstraat 197c, Floris Colin Adney, colored, 30 years old, scribe, Reformed. [1807]
1840, Groote Dwarsstraat 201, Floris Colin Adney, colored, 33 years old, scribe, Reformed. [1807]

  • 1846, Zwartenhovenbrugstaat 197a, Floris Colin Adney, colored, 38 years old, Reformed. [1808]
    1828. See Jansie Heshuysen for complete transcription.
    1828. Paramaribo, Suriname. Wijk Litta. D. 1e [Eerste] Gedeelte Steenbakkersgracht. Nummer van het Huis: 594.
  • Naam: Casper, Voornaam: Cornelia A van, Ouderdom:60, Beroep: ---, Religie: ---.
  • Naam: Snebeling, Voornaam: Martha Johanna Carolina, Ouderdom: 26, Beroep: naaister, Religie: Gereformeerd.
  • Naam: deLyon, Voornaam: Anna Charlotte, Ouderdom: 17, Beroep: �e [naaister], Religie: �e [Gereformeerd].
  • Naam: deLyon, Voornaam: Jansje, Ouderdom: 14, Beroep: ---, Religie: �e [Gereformeerd].
  • Naam: deLyon, Voornaam: Albert George, Ouderdom: 12, Beroep: ---, Religie: �e [Gereformeerd].
  • Naam: deLyon, Voornaam: Willem Benjamin, Ouderdom: 10, Beroep: ---, Religie: �e [Gereformeerd].
  • Naam: deLyon, Voornaam: Cornelis Jan, Ouderdom: 6, Beroep: ---, Religie: �e [Gereformeerd].
    [Source: National Archive of the Netherlands in Den Haag. Wijkregisters of Paramaribo, Suriname--1828. Toegangsnummer: Bestanddeel: 696]. [I think Floris Colin Adney may have a connection with the deLyon family, particularly with Anna Charlotte, see other years]
    1837. Paramaribo, Suriname. Nieuwe Wijk Sub La: C; Zwartenhovenbrug Straat [of Gracht]; Opneming van den Staat der bevolking der Stad Paramaribo, gedaan in 1837. Nieuw Nummer: 197c. Oud Nummer: 444, 595, 594 LD.
    Hoofd en andere vrije bewoners--
  • Naam: Adney, Voornaam: Floris Colin, Kleurling: 1, Ouderdom: 30, Beroep: schrijver, Godsdienst: Hervormde. Slaven, welke zich op het Erf van den Hooft-Bewoner bevinden, het zij eigene slaven, het zij gehuurde slaven, het zij van eenige Plant. Of Grond, het zij van elders, of uit eenige andere oorzaak, op ‘t Erf woonachtig. Negers-Jong[en]s: 1.
  • Naam: van Casper, Voornaam: Cornelia van Amimba , Vrije Negers: 1, Ouderdom: 58, Beroep: geen, Godsdienst: geen.
  • Naam: deLyon, Voornaam: Johanna Charlotte, Kleurling: 1, Ouderdom: 27, Beroep: �e [geen], Godsdienst: Hervormde.
  • Naam: deLyon, Voornaam: Jansie Cornelia, Kleurling: 1, Ouderdom: 23, Beroep: �e [geen], Godsdienst: �e [Hervormde].
  • Naam: deLyon, Voornaam: Albertus George, Kleurling: 1, Ouderdom: 18, Beroep: �e [geen], Godsdienst: �e [Hervormde].
  • Naam: deLyon, Voornaam: William Benjamin, Kleurling: 1, Ouderdom: 15, Beroep: �e [geen], Godsdienst: �e [Hervormde].
  • Naam: Jan Cornelis, Voornaam: Jan Cornelis, Kleurling: 1, Ouderdom: 14, Beroep: �e [geen], Godsdienst: �e [Hervormde].
  • Naam: Menneke, Voornaam: Theodorus Colin, Kleurling: 1, Ouderdom: 7, Beroep: �e [geen], Godsdienst: �e [Hervormde].
  • Naam: Roessel, Voornaam: Maria Cornelia Wilhelmina, Kleurling: 1, Ouderdom: 2, Beroep: �e [geen], Godsdienst: �e [Hervormde].
  • Naam: Matille, Voornaam: Fannie van, Vrije Negers: 1, Ouderdom: 48, Beroep: �e [geen], Godsdienst: Roomsh.
  • Naam: Matile, Voornaam: Margaretha, Vrij Negers: 1, Ouderdom: 2, Beroep: �e [geen], Godsdienst: Idem [Roomsch].
    [Source: National Archive of the Netherlands in Den Haag. Wijkregisters of Paramaribo, Suriname--1837. Toegangsnummer: Bestanddeel: 647].
    1840. See Peter Turquand Adney for complete transcription. Johanna Carlotte deLyon is there also.
    1846 Wijkregisters of Paramaribo. Zwaartenhovenbrugstraat nr. 197(a): Adney, Floris Colin, colored, 38 years old, religion-Dutch Reformed. deLijon, Eliet or Elis., colored, no age, religion-Dutch Reformed. deLijon, Jansie C., colored, 31 years old, religion-Dutch Reformed. deLijon, Joha= Charle=, colored, age 33, religion-Dutch Reformed. deLijon, Albertus, colored, age 28, religion-Dutch Reformed. deLijon, Jan Cornelis, colored, age 20, religion-Dutch Reformed. deLijon, William B., colored, age 18, religion-Dutch Reformed, Roepel, Maria C.W., 11 years old, religion-Dutch Reformed. deVries, I.M. Joh.a, 4 years old, religion-Dutch Reformed. [Jan vanSchaik]
    DEATH: "Folio 60. In the year, 1849 on the 10th day of March appeared before me P. Faerber adjunct official of the Government of the Colony of Suriname--William Ferrier Adney, thirty two years old and living in Paramaribo; and the witnesses Joseph Nassy and Jacques Albertus Alvares and declared that on the tenth of March 1849 and two o'clock in the morning at the house La. C. --, died Floris Colin Adney, born in Suriname on the 21st August 1807. (Signed) Joseph Nassy, W.F. Adney, J.A. Alvares, P. Faerber." [scan of original copy sent to me by John Sang-Ajang on 18 July 2010. Translation by Elizabeth "Lesa" Muir Pringle]
    Estate of Floris Colin Adney. National Archive, The Hague, Netherlands. Translation [from John Sang-Ajang]:
    10 March 1849.
    Estate from Floris Colin Adneij.
    According to the notification by William Ferrier Adneij done at my home, this morning, F.C. Adneij has died in the morning at 02.00 hours at the Steenbakkersgracht L C no. 197 at the age of 41 years, 6 months and 17 days ab intestate. In the house where he died the inheritance an inventory has been made at the declaration from Elisabeth de Leon by the sworn clerk P. Steinhard in presence of witnesses. The body will be buried on the cost of Johanna Charlotte de Leon at the Nieuwe Kerkhof. The coffin has been given free by his brother W.F. Adneij. The other costs will be payed by the government. M.N. Arlaud, second clerk.
    NOTE: Nieuwe Kerkhof is the name of a graveyard in Paramaribo.
    [John Sang-Ajang in an e-mail dated 8 Oct 2010 to Elizabeth �eLesa” Muir Pringle. He also sent a scan of the document]
    1849 Surinaamsche Courant. Number 38. On the 4 April 1849, the curator of unclaimed (ownerless) estates through a public auction, sold the property found in the estate of Floris C. Adneij [Adney]. (December 28, 2003 E-mail from John Sang-Ajang)
    BURIAL: Nieuwe Kerkhof Cemetery in Paramaribo, Suriname.


  • Birth: Family History Library - 35 N West Temple Street
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84150 - (801)240-2331 - Suriname: Church Records - Film #38,836. Lutheran Church. Father: Henry Adney. Mother Jansie Marie vanScholenberg.

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Richard Adney 1733-1788 Matty x ca 1758- Jacobus van Schuilenburg ca 1760- Henrietta x

Henry Adney 1779-1829 Jansie Maria Adelaide van Schuilenburg or Heshuysen 1785-1851

Floris Colin Adney 1807-1849