Marie Anne Joseph

  • BAILLEUL ca 1735-, married to Pierre Philippe Joseph RUSSE in 1763
  • sosa CODRON 1800-1871, daughter of Pierre Joseph and Augustine LEFEBVRE, married to Augustin Joseph DUHAMEL in 1820
  • DELANNOY 1727-1800, married to Michel Joseph LE MORT in 1754
  • sosa DOLET 1767-1829, daughter of Francois Joseph and Augustine Joseph DELIENNE, married to Louis Joseph LEBLAN in 1790
  • DUPOND 1711-, daughter of Matheum (Mathieu) and Marie Catherine GRONIEZ
  • LINGLART †/1807, married to Pierre Joseph TAFFIN in 1780
  • sosa PIN 1731-1802, daughter of Joseph and Florence BIGOT, married to Francois Joseph DELSERRE (DELSERT) in 1759
  • WICART 1764-1765, daughter of Joseph Francois WICCART (WICART) and Marie Seraphine Josephe GRUSON