Ida /de Chiny/, Ida /Countess of Leuven/, Ida /de Chiny & Namur/, Ida /van Chiny-van Namen/, Ida /von Chiny/, Ida /of Chiny and Namur/, Ida Albert /de Chiny et Namur/, Ida /de Namur/, Ide /de Chiny-de Namur/, Ida /of Chiny/, Ida /Duchesse de Chiny/, Ida /von Namur/, Ide /de Chiny de Namur/, Oda /of Chiny/, Ida /de Chiny (of Chiny) & Namur/, Ida /Comtesse de Chiny/, /von Niederlothringen/

  • Born about 1088 - Namur, Namen, Hertogdom Namen, Wallonie, België (Heiliges Römisches Reich)
  • Deceased 28 March 1125 - Leuven, Louvain, Hertogdom Brabant, België (Heiliges Römisches Reich),aged about 37 years old
  • Buried 28 March 1125 - België (Heiliges Römisches Reich)
  • Mistress, while Godfrey was wedded to Clemence of Bourgogne, Countess of Leuven, Duchesse de Chiny





Individual Note

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Ida of Namur de Chiny et de Namur

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