• Abraham Gerrits 1672-1718, son of Gerrit Wouters and Jannetje Isaacd Streefkerk, married to Marritje Abrahamsd Cool in 1697.
  • Gerrit Jansz, married to Anitjen Dirks.
  • Gerrit Wouters 1642-1697, son of Wouter Gerrits and Gheertijn Jans Jans, married to Jannetje Isaacd Streefkerk.
  • Rijk Abrahams 1725-1790, son of Abraham Gerrits and Marritje Abrahamsd Cool, married to Trijntje Dirks Dorland in 1759.
  • Wouter Gerrits 1602-, son of Gerrit Jansz and Anitjen Dirks, married to Gheertijn Jans Jans.