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Toi qui cherches, apprends la patience car seul se que l'on ades difficultés à trouver apporte de réellessatisfactions. Le travail des autres est parfois utile mais jamaissource de convictions car tout ce qui a été ne seraplus. Tirer le réel de l'apparent est ardu car la roue quitourne a parfois des jambes de bois. Antoine de Lavoisier disait :« Rien ne se perd, rien ne secrée, tout se transforme ». Puisque rienne se perd, cherchons. puisque rien ne se crée acceptons cequi fut. Puisque tout se transforme, faisons la lumière surce qui a été caché car aujourd'hui est laconséquence de ce qui fut hier.

 Nicholas de Carew, Nicholas Carew

  • Born in May 1359 - Mallerforde, Buckinghamshire, England
  • Deceased 4 September 1432 - Beddington, Croydon, London, England,aged 73 years old
  • Buried - Beddington Church, Beddington, London, England


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[Jim Weber.FTW]

The following post to SGM on 6 Dec 1999, by Ronny Bodine, gives Nicholas' wives & children:

From: RBodine996 (rbodine996 AT
Subject: Family of Nicholas Carew (c1356-1432), of Beddington, co. Surrey
Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.medieval
Date: 1999/12/06

Recently Hap Sutliff asked about the relationships of several members within the Carew family. We communicated privately and I assembled the following family outline which might be of help to others who descend from this family.

NICHOLAS CAREW II, of Beddington, co. Surrey. Born c1356; died 4 Sep 1432 and was buried at Beddington next to his 1st wife. His will of 28 Aug 1432, and contains bequests to his son Nicholas, Mary and Johanne, daughters of his son Thomas, daughters Isabel and daughter Elizabeth Bukton, with residue to his wife Mary (sic = Mercy), who was one of the executors (PCC 16 Luffenham, transcribed in Testamenta Vetusta, p. 260-3 ). Son of Nicholas Carew I (died 1390), by his wife Lucy, daughter of Sir Richard Willoughby, of Beddington, co. Surrey. Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex, 1391-1392 and 1400-1401; M.P. for Surrey and Sussex, 1394, 1395, 1397, and 1417.
Married 1) by May 1374, Isabel, daughter of Alice de la Mare, of Delamers, Hertfordshire, when the Berkshire landowner, Sir Thomas de la Mare, settled his manor of Aldermaston upon various members of the Carew family for life. Isabel was quite probably related to Sir Thomas; and it was certainly through her that Carew established a connection with John Ludwick who became her stepfather about 1387, holding the manor of Delamers in the right of his wife until his death in 1411, followed soon after that year by Alice. Delamers Manor then passed to her grandson, Nicholas Carew II. Isabel was buried in Beddington Church where she appears in an effigy with her husband.
Married 2) probably by July 1398, Mercy, daughter of Stephen Hayme, of Winchester, by his wife Christine. In 1398, Sulham Manor, Berkshire was conveyed by Walter Haywode to Stephen Hayme and Nicholas Carew, probably on account Carew's marriage to Hayme's daughter. Mercy married 2ndly, Arthur Ormesby of London, with whom, in 1454, she was a party to the settlement of Great Purley Manor, Berkshire by Nicholas Carew III on himself and his own son, Nicholas IV. In 1461, she sued Nichoolas Carew IV, apparently on the plea that he had given her insufficient dower. This marriage brought Carew the manors of Hyde and Sulham in Berkshire. In July 1440, Mercy, late wife of Nicholas Carew, esq., demised to Sir Roger Fenys, Nicholas Carew, esq., and others her life interest in Bandon and Nutfield, co. Surrey (Calendar of Ancient Deeds, 4: 460). The Carew monumental brass records she bore her husband 8 sons and 8 daughters of whom only 2 children survived their childhood.

Issue by ISABEL de la MARE.

1. NICHOLAS CAREW III, of Beddington, Nutfield and Carshalton, co. Surrey and Delamers, Hertfordshire. Born 1395?; died 20 Apr 1458, leaving a will of 14 Nov 1456, proved 10 May 1458, in which he directed his burial at Beddington and names ththe 5 children below (PCC 12 Stockton). History of Parliament, 1439-1509 (1: 155) notes he proved his age 4 Henry VI [1426], establishing 1405 as a birthdate, but this is not possible. Likely the note should read 4 Henry V [1416]. M.P. for co. Surrey, 1439-1440; Sheriff for Surrey and Sussex, 1440-1, 1444-5, and 1448-9. In 1440, he quitclaimed to "Mercy, who was his father's wife" his 1/3 part of the manor of Woodmansterne, who held 2/3 of the manor for her life. In 1454, he settled Great Purley Manor, Berkshire on himself with reversion to his son Nicholas IV and his wife Margaret.
Married Margaret Fiennes (d. 1503), who married 2ndly, c1459, John Carent, M.P. for Dorset, 1453.

a. NICHOLAS CAREW IV, of Beddington, Nutfield and Carshalton, co. Surrey, Sulham, Berkshire, and Delamers, Hertfordshire. Born 1436 (being aged 22 at the death of his father); died 1466. Son and heir. King's Serjeant, was made constable of Southampton in 1457. He was sued in 1461, by Mercy, 2nd wife of his grandfather.
Married Margaret, daughter of Edward Langford.

(1). NICHOLAS CAREW V. Born 1462 (being aged 4 at the death of his father), came of age in Sep 1484, but died childless about 1485, leaving as his heirs his three sisters.

(2). SANCHIA CAREW. Married, as his 2nd of 3 wives, Sir John Iwardby (d. 1525), on whom Carshalton Manor, co. Surrey was settled in 1514. Great Purley, Berkshire was her share of the estate of her brother.

(3). ELIZABETH CAREW. Married Walter Twynho.

(4). ANNE CAREW. Married Christopher Tropnell. Sulham Manor, Berkshire was her share of her brother's estate.

b. Sir JAMES CAREW, of Beddington, co. Surrey and Delamers, Hertfordshire. Died 1492. Heir of his nephew. Married Eleanor Hoo.




2. THOMAS CAREW. Predeceased his father, dying in October 1430. He is named as a son of Isabel on the monumental brass of his parents in Beddington Church.
Another brass in Beddington Church is attributed to him and includes his sister, Isabel.
Married Agnes, daughter of Thomas Hayton, of Batilles and Westburgh, co. Surrey. At his death in 1432, Agnes was married to her 2nd husband, John Exham or Hexham, and by 1450 was married to her 3rd husband, Thomas Sayer, with whom she conveyed Westburgh to her daughters Mercy and Joan and their husbands, Richard Ford and William Saunders.

a. JOAN CAREW. Born in or before 1417 (being under age 15 at the time of her grandfather's will); died 1470. Joan was named as the heir of her grandfather in his will to his manor of Warlingham, co. Surrey, later called Carews. In default of Joan's issue the manor was then to descend to her sister Mercy, with contingent remainders to Nicholas and Isabel, son and daughter of the testator. Joan married William Saunders, together with whom she brought a suit against William Selman aand William Bradford, trustees appointed by her grandfather, to oblige them to surrender the estate to her, she being more than 15 years old, the age to which she was entitled to the estate. She deposed that in spite of this fact and of the will of her grandfather, produced by her grandmother Mercy, the trustees refused to give it up. The lands were surrendered to her in 1451. Warlington (Carew) Manor descended to her descendants.

b. MERCY CAREW. Under age 15 at the time of her grandfather's will. Contingent heir of her sister. Married Richard Ford.

c. ISABEL CAREW. She had apparently predeceased her grandfather as she was not included in his will as a contingent heir.

3. ISABEL CAREW. Died 1434. She appears on the monumental brass of her brother Thomas as Isabel Bukton. Her father bequeathed to her his lands in Wantynge, Berkshire.
Married 1) Brian Harsick, 2) Robert Bukton.

a. ANN. Named in her grandfather's will.


4. ELIZABETH CAREW. Born in or shortly after 1398; died 25 Sep 1410 and was buried in Beddington Church. Her now lost monumental brass referred to her as 'Elizabetha filia Nicholai et Mariae' the latter name which should read 'Merciae' and wife of 'Thomae Lewknore.' Sir Thomas Lewkenor was one of the supervisors of the will of her father. Based upon her likely birthdate she was clearly a childbride and no issue was likely.

5. PHILIPE CAREW. Died 1414 and was buried in Beddington Church. Her monumental brass there calls her the daughter of Nicholas and Mercy Carreu and includes the names of 7 brothers and 6 sisters who had predeceased her.



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Ronny Bodine


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Michael R Neuman
Jim Weber
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