• Born 8 April 1842 - Landskrona, Malmohus, Sweden
  • Baptized 16 April 1842 - Landskrona, Malmohus, Sweden
  • Deceased 6 January 1908 - Leamington, Millard, Utah, United States,aged 65 years old
  • Buried 9 January 1908 - Leamington, Millard, Utah, United States


 Spouses and children





Individual Note

Died age 65 of kidney problems


Suffered from Rheumatism (Rheumatoid Arthritis)


Alternate name:

Anna Maria Svensdotter

Alternate name:

Anna Maria Hindrikson Or Svensson

Alternate name:

Anna Maria Hindrickson

Alternate name:

Anna Maria Svensson (x-Latn)

Alternate name:

Annie Marie Hendrickson


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 Family Tree Preview

Hendrik Pehrsson 1750-1828 Ingar Pahlsdatter 1773-1821 Pehr Bengtsson Borg 1786-ca 1837 Pernilla Nilssdotter 1777-1838

Sven Hendrickson 1806-1851 Nilla Borg Pehrsdotter 1804-ca 1871

Anna Maria Svensson or Hendrickson 1842-1908