Sosa :1
  • Born about 1670 - Middelburg, Zeeland, Netherlands
  • Deceased
  • Adelborst; mandadoor


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Minjoot Surname
So far the only records of the Minjoot surname found in northern France come from West Flanders (present day Belgium). The Minjoots lived either in Brugge or near the French/Belgium border. They spelt their surname either Mijnjoot (3) or Minjoot.(4) Also, an article on life in Melaka under the Dutch refers to a Dorothea Minjoot, widow of van Hendrik from Brugge.(5) It is thought some of the Minjoots made their way to Middelburg in the Netherlands. The family had probably been living there for several generations as an Anna Minyoot was buried there 1.3.1664.(6) It was from Middelburg that Bastiaan Minjoot (Mejoodt), sailed on the VOC ship Domburg. He arrived in Asia in 1692, with the rank of adelborst. In 1708 he is mentioned as sergeant in Malacca.(7) From 1711 to 1720 he is mentioned as mandadoor (overseer of slaves). Bastiaan Minjoot is believed to be the founder of the Minjoot family in Malacca. The Minjoots later spread to Penang, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. There is no trace of the Minjoot surname (or its variants) in northern Europe today.

David Mason

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sosa ? Minjoot sosa Pieternella Bastiaens †1693

sosa Bastiaan Minjoot ca 1670-