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This Geneanet member is deceased but their Geneanet Family Tree is still available by request of their family.

 Victorine Françoise

  • CANET, with Pierre Joseph AIGUEBONNE
  • CHAPLAIN 1868-, daughter of René Bernard and Constance LANGLAIS, married to Philéas Adolphe YVÉ in 1890
  • CHEMINEAU, with Léonce Isodore GÔ
  • DUBOURG 1840-1913, married to Clément Pierre DUBOIS in 1866
  • GAREAU 1865-, daughter of Félix Julien and Désirée DUPONT, married to Philippe Charles Clément BLOT in 1887
  • LEPROUST 1848-, daughter of Jean Chrysotôme and Marie Françoise Charlotte GUINEBERT, married to Joseph Marin MEUNIER in 1872
  • LESOURD 1834-, daughter of Jacques and Joséphine MORICE, married to Jean Prosper PELLETIER in 1853
  • MASSART ca 1834-, married to Jean François BOURGETEAU
  • MONCHÂTRE, daughter of Louis Alexandre and Françoise Cécile PLOUSE, married to Louis Auguste BOUDET in 1882
  • VAZEUX 1854-1936, daughter of Denis Joseph and Mathurine Françoise LECHAT, married to Victorien BLESIS in 1878, Jules Ernest GENREAU in 1893