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  • Born 25 May 1889 (Saturday) - Camaiore (Lucca) Italia
  • Deceased 5 May 1977 (Thursday) - Solesmes,aged 87 years old


  • Robert 1 van Bourbon-Parma, born 9 July 1848 (Sunday) - Florence, deceased 16 November 1907 (Saturday) - Pianore aged 59 years old,
    Hertog Parma

    Married 15 October 1884 (Wednesday), Zell om See Oost, to
  • Maria Antonia van PORTUGAL, born 28 November 1862 (Friday) - Bronnbach, deceased 14 May 1959 (Thursday) - Luxemburg aged 96 years old

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On the side of Robert 1 van Bourbon-Parma 1848-1907


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  • Birth, death: - Parenteel van Walram van Nassau Laurenberg;; Parenteel van Walram van Nassau Laurenberg
  • Family: - NL 1964 voorouders van Carlos Hugo

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