• Born in 1652
  • Deceased 11 April 1712,aged 60 years old
  • Buried 16 April 1712



Individual Note

Apellido Prefix: Capitan

Founder of the villa of San Antonio de los Martinez. Owner of the hacienda de los Martinez de los Aiguales. (Today it is known as Marin, N.L.,). On April 11, 1712, in the Valley of Carrizal, his last will and testament was executed. Source: Origin of the Surnames Garza and Trevino by Tomas Mendirichaga Cueva. Page 18


He founded the Hacienda de San Antonio de los Martinez in 1684,it is now Marin

Fundador de la Hacienda de San Antonio de los Martinez en 1684;hoy Marin, Nuevo Leon.

Fuente: Raul N. Longoria


Originated from the town of Santiago del Saltillo. Capt. Jose Martinez entered the conquest of Nuevo Reino de Leon around the year 1670. In 1684 he founded the Hacienda de San Antonio, also known as San Antonio de los Martinez or San Antonio de los Aiguales, the name of the Indians, who inhabited said territory. At the beginning of the XIX century, the town of San Carlos de Marin, today Marin (Nuevo Leon) was established there.


This Creole settler died around the middle of April 1712, being buried the 16th of the same month in the San Francisco Xavier Chapel ofMonterrey. His will was executed on April 11, 1712, in Valle del Carrizal in the present municipality of Marin.


  • Individual: Dora Valdez Longoria - Gonzalez-Valdez Family Tree Web Site (Smart Match)

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Juan Francisco Martínez Guajardo 1565-1607 Úrsula Inés Catarina Navarro Rodríguez 1560-1615  

Ignacio Martinez Guajardo de Navarro 1590-1654 Maria Isabel Flores

Jose Ignacio Martinez Guajardo Flores 1652-1712

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