• Born 26 August 1736 - Trinitatis, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Deceased 27 April 1807 - Copenhagen, Denmark,aged 70 years old


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====Michael Naested====
* [http://www.flemmerfamily.co.za/NaestedDanish.html Naested family.....]

He was the brother of the people shown above and is of particular interest as he is an ancestor of the South African Flemmers. He was probably born in Copenhagen in about 1736. In 1756 aged 20, he qualified as a lawyer and in 1763 obtained an Honours degree. University education would havebeen something of a rarity at this time. This, and other information indicates that the Naesteds were of the wealthy upper classes.

Over the next few years he held several positions, in 1771 becoming a secretary with the Agricultural Commission and in 1775, aged 39 Korrespondence Chef with the Royal lottery. Over these years it seems that his career was on a fast upward path, in modern parlance, a man on the move.

On the 9th December 1778, aged 42, he married 26 year old Anna Magdalene Sophie Lyders (1752-1804) at the Vor Frue (Our Lady) Church in Copenhagen. The record shows that he paid 50 rigsdalers for his marriage license. As the normal rate was 4 rdls., this tells us he was a wealthy man. Some further idea of his financial position can be seen from the house he bought in Copenhagen in the following year. I have a copy of the Deed of Sale which gives a full description of the property-

I, the undersigned Carl Frederich Hofman, citizen and county surgeon here in the Royaltown of Copenhagen, hereby make public that I have sold from myself and my heirs to Kancelliraad Michael Naested here in Copenhagen as well as to his heirs a house, belonging to me in Raadhusstraedet, Snarens Quarter, new land registration number 42, which said house consists of 10 bays, 2 floors high with an attic 3 bays broad, built of stone towards the street and towards the yard, plus a basement under all of the house, and a stone built side house of 7 bays and 2 floors high and with an attic 3 bays broad with a basement, and a back house 11 bays broad, built of stone with timber frame and with a thatched roof 2 floors high and with an attic 3 bays broad, in which the lower floor is a stable and a garage for 2 wagons. In the yard is a sweet water pump. In the rooms there are 8 windowsand two enclosed stoves�"

The word 'bays' was used at this time to measure the size of houses. It means window, and gives a clear idea of the scale of the house, which was huge. It can still be seen today at 42 Raadhustrade (Town Hall Street) in Copenhagen. We even have a drawing of the house-

The selling price was 9 000 rigsdalers, an enormous sum in 1779. A comparison can be made withthe house of Fredrich Flemmer (see History of the South African Flemmers 1703-1870). He died in 1777, two years before Michael Naested bought his house. In the probate record the Flemmer house in Odense, 8 bays and 2 storeys high, was valued at 200 rigsdalers!

* Nine years after their marriage we find the Naested family in the census of 1787-

Michael Naested man 50 married once 'kancelliraad' and Royal Balance Chief with the Lottery Sofie Magdalene wife 34 married once
Kristine Dorthe Naested 8
Henrik Naested 6
Christian Naested 3
Vilhelmine Vinkler 11 the wife's niece
Niels Erlandsen 29 mercenary/free man/house servant
Karen Andersdatter 40 married once maid and wet nurse
Abelone Sharlotte Benrod 29 maid

This shows us that Michael Naested is an important and wealthy man. Copenhagen was the centre of Denmark, with a population of about 100 000, 10% of the total population of the country. Three children have been born, the youngest has a wet nurse, although already 3, and there are three servants in the house.

Denmark had been going through a period of immense social and political upheaval during this period, with many reforms being passed as the old order in Europe changed. In June 1795, aged 59, Michael Naested was appointed as scribe to a commission that was to present an acceptable plan for the better use of the property of Copenhagen and the University. This work seems to have occupied him until his death in 1807.

* Fourteen years later after the 1787 census, the family are living at the same address and the household has expanded considerably. It is interesting to look at these census returns in full as they show how the family had grown by 1801-

* Michael Naested 62 married 'kancelleraad' and lottery administrator Sophie Magdalene Lyders 47 married
# Christine Naested 20
# Johan Henrich Naested 18 student
# Michael Christian Naested 14 student
# Anne Maria Naested 12
# Louise Dorothea Naested 8
# Charlotte Henriette Naested 6
# Maria Bech 21 maid
# Kirstine Jensen 25 maid
# Johan Lyders 21 lodging student
# Wilhelm Lyders 23 lodging student

The ages shown for Michael and his wife Anna Sophie are slightly inaccurate as they would have been 65 and 49 respectively at this time. Although I believe they had 7 children it seems from this census that one had died young as only 6 are shown.The two Lyders boys are probably nephews of Anna Sophie. It is also interesting to see that, although the Naested boys are 'students' their sisters are not. Presumably at that time girls were not considered for formal education, rather learning the genteel arts of sewing, music and art at home from private tutors.

Up until 1795, the Danish lottery had been drawn at the Town Hall, which was very close to the Naested house. A devastating fire swept Copenhagen that year, destroying large parts of the city. One can imagine the terror as the inferno swept towards their home, destroying the TownHall and most of the buildings in their street. Fortunately the fire stopped a few metres away and all was saved.

For the administrators of the lottery the loss of the Town Hall presented a huge problem. It was solved by the magistrate offering to buy the Naested's home. After the fire, good buildings in that part of Copenhagen would have been at an absolute premium, which is shown by the price negotiated- 14 000 rigsdalers, a comfortable profit given the 9 000 paid for it!

Although the deed of sale said that the house would be handed over to the Royal Lottery Institute of Copenhagen inSeptember of 1795, the Naested family continued to live there until the time of Michael's death 12 years later. I presume that they would have shared the house with the administrative offices of the lottery. The public draw was made from the house for many decades afterwards, and this picture shows the lottery being drawn outside the house in about 1840.

On 28th June 1804, at age 52, the mother of the family, Anna Sophie Magdalene Naested died at her home of 'convulsions'. She was buried from the Helliggeist (Holy Ghost) Church and buried at Assistens Cemetery. What a great sadness for the family and especially for the young girls then aged about 17, 10 and 11.

Worse was to follow when three years later, their father Michael died of 'apoplexy' on 27th April 1807. Like his wife he was buried at Assistens Cemetry from the Helliggeist Church.

Moving with what today may be considered indecent haste, the probate commission met at the house on the day of death, 27th April 1807. It may well be that Michael Naested had been ill for some time and that the children and others felt that it was better to begin the work of the commission as soon as possible. The purpose of the commission was to list all property, heirs and creditors of the estate so that fair distribution of assets could take place. It is worth seeing an extract of this first meeting of the probate commission-

On 27th April 1807 the probate commission appeared at the request of Mr. H. Naested, in the house no. 42 Raadhusstraede on the first floor to make a probate record after cancelliraad Naested, who has died here today. Present here was the son Michael Christian, who declared that he was 22 years old and a student, and that he and his brother, candidatus juris Henrk Naested, 26, plus their four sisters, Anne Christine 26, Anne Marie 18, Louise Dorothea 15, and Charlotte Henriette 12, all not married, are the only right heirs after their deceased parents�. These children were all present as well as the maids Lene and Anne, and they showed the effects and furniture of the estate to the probate commission�..

Present also was sword-maker [Jorgen Nielsen] Naested. The heirs declared that they had shown the commission everything, and that the things concerning his work as a secretary of the lottery and university, will be in his office, which was now sealed�Lastly the sons present asked that lawyer Bronlund be appointed curator of the children.

There seems to have been some concerns about the property of the university as the commission met the children at the house two dayslater. The university and the community "emanded delivery of its books, documents and maps, which may be here in the house as well as whatever money belonging to the commission may be here in the house�" A list of property found is included.

A further meeting took place the following week about this matter. Michael Christian Naested asked for 10 rigsdalers a week to support the family and pay the maids. He also wanted to be refunded for the costs of his father's funeral.

The settlement of the affairs of the estate seems to have been a problem as it was still being dealt with three years later, in 1810, when a nephew, Niels Naested, a ship's surgeon, demanded payment of his account. He subsequently renounced his claim, but it is interesting to wonder whether the account was for attending Michael Naested in his final illness.

Despite the fact that Denmark was heading for very stormy financial waters at this time we must assume that the children were left with a comfortable living, although I do not have final details of the estate settlement.

Johan Henrik and his sister, Louise Dorothea Naested have a special interest for the South African families and I will deal with them separately below. Some of the other children of Michael Naested and Anna Sophie Magadelene Naested are also of interest. Brief details are-

Anne Christine Dorthe Naested b. 17th December 1779, married the vicar Andreas Hansen Kjeldberg 1790-1848 (see Flemmer Family History Part 1). She died aged 34, in 1813 leaving a son. Andreas Hansen Kjeldberg subsequently married his deceased wife's sister-

Charlotte Henriette Naested 1794-1868. They were married at the Vor Frue Church Copenhagen on 23rd May 1820 and they had at least one child- Methea Sophia Kjeldberg, born in 1820. In 1853 this child married her cousin, Toger Abo 1813-1879. The Kjeldbergs were guardians to Toger's sister, Betty Camilla Augusta Abo-see below.

Michael Christian Naested b. 1784, married Anne Catherine Addit b. 1791, and they had at least four children. A census in 1834 finds them living in the town of N�stved, where Michael Christian is a wine dealer and innkeeper. The census list is long, showing not only the family, but also guests at the inn. There are the 4 children, 8 maids and servants, an Icelandic merchant, a doctor, and a colonel and men of the Lancers Regiment! Of special interest is that the couple are guardians to the sister of Betty and Toger Abo, Marie Sophie Frederikke Abo, whose age is shown as 22-see below................
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