• Born 26 March 1856 - Oedelem, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
  • Deceased







  • Individual:
    - Filae Family Trees - Marie Therese DEMILDE<br>Birth: Mar 26 1856 Oedelem, Beernem, Provincie West-Vlaanderen, Flanders, Belgium<br>Marriage: Marriage to: Auguste 'Charles) ROEYGENSNov 2 1877

     Oedelem, Beernem, Provincie West-Vlaanderen, Flanders, Belgium

    &lt;br&gt;Father: <a>Joannes Baptiste DEMILDE</a>&lt;br&gt;Mother: <a>Amelie VEREECKE</a>&lt;br&gt;Husband: <a>Auguste 'Charles) ROEYGENS</a>&lt;br&gt;Children: <a>Lodewijk ROEYGENS</a>, <a>Jules ROEYGENS</a>, <a>Silvia Maria ROEYGENS</a>, <a>Maria Emma ROEYGENS</a>, <a>Mauritz ROEYGENS</a>, <a>Romanie ROEYGENS</a>, <a>Augustinus ROEYGENS</a>, <a>Irma Maria ROEYGENS</a>, <a>Emiel Josef ROEYGENS</a>, <a>Livina Ida Maria ROEYGENS</a>, <a>Kamiel ROEYGENS</a>&lt;br&gt;Siblings: <a>Virginie DEMILDE</a>, <a>Karel Louis DEMILDE</a>, <a>Romanie DEMILDE</a>, <a>Augustus DEMILDE</a>, <a>Augustus DEMILDE</a> - Record - 14100:210841188:
    - Belgium Marriage Notices - Auguste Roeygens & Marie Therese Demilde&lt;br&gt;Marriage: Nov 2 1877 - Oedelem, Belgium&lt;br&gt;Groom: Auguste Roeygens&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Birth: Nov 12 1845 - Knesselare&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Residence: Oedelem, Belgium&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Occupation: Werkman&lt;br&gt;Bride: Marie Therese Demilde&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Birth: Mar 26 1856 - Oedelem, Belgium&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Residence: Oedelem, Belgium&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Occupation: Kantwerkster&lt;br&gt;Father of groom: Louis Roeygens&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Death: July 26 1877 - Maldegem&lt;br&gt;Mother of groom: Sophie Huysman&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Birth: Circa 1804&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Age: 73&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Residence: Maldegem&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Occupation: Werkvrouw&lt;br&gt;Father of bride: Jan Demilde&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Death: Jan 20 1872 - Oedelem, Belgium&lt;br&gt;Mother of bride: Amelie Vereecke&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Birth: Circa 1826&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Age: 51&lt;br&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;Occupation: Huishoudster&lt;br&gt;Parish: Oedelem&lt;br&gt;Source: View the original record here visit site. Record matches with this collection are provided by MyHeritage free of charge, as a beneficial service to the genealogy community. The data is provided by Les archives de l'État en Belgique. - Record - 10787:629090-S:
    - France, Vital Records Index - Marie Therese DEMILDE&lt;br&gt;Record type: Birth&lt;br&gt;Name: Marie Therese DEMILDE&lt;br&gt;Birth: Mar 26 1856 Oedelem, Beernem, Flandre-Occidentale, Flandre, Belgique

    &lt;br&gt;Father: Joannes DEMILDE&lt;br&gt;Mother: Amelia VERHEECKE&lt;br&gt;Reference Number: 213400036810120076&lt;br&gt;Source: CHGW Genealo 59-62-B - Record - 14020:33393530-:

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Joannes Baptiste (Jan) Demilde 1809-1872 Amelie Vereecke 1825-

Marie Therese Demilde 1856-