(Leonor de Castilla reina consorte de Aragón)

  • Born in 1307 - Salamanca, Salamanca, Castilla-Leon, Spain
  • Deceased in March 1359 - Castellbon De Castrojeriz, Burgos, Spain,aged 52 years old
  • Buried - Queen Consort
  • Infanta de Castilla, Reina consorte de Aragón


 Spouses and children



On the side of Fernando IV 'El Emplazado' King Fernando IV of Castille,Citatus,The Summoned,El Emplazado or "the Summoned,",El Emplazado,Rei de Castilla y León,Fernando IV 'el Emplazado' de Castilla y León,rey de Castilla y León de Castilla y León 1285-1312



Individual Note

Infante don ALFONSO de Aragón m secondly (Betrothed Agreda Jan 1329, Tarragona 5 Feb 1329) as her second husband, Infanta doña LEONOR de Castilla, formerly wife of Infante don JAIME de Aragón, daughter of don FERNANDO IV “el Ajurno” King of Castile & his wife Infanta dona Costança de Portugal (1307-murdered Castellón de Castrojeriz [Mar/Apr] 1359). The Crónica de San Juan de la Peña records the marriage of Alfonso IV King of Aragon and "la filla de Don Ferrando rey de Castiella…Alionor", stating that she had previously been married to "su hermano el infant Don Jayme"[378]. The Chronicon Domini Joannis Emmanuelis records the contract in Jan 1329 for the marriage of “Rex Dns Alfonsus Aragonum cum Infantissa Dna Heleonora filia Regis Castellæ Dni Fernandi, in Agreda”[379]. Her marriage was arranged as part of Aragon's renewed alliance with Castile, formed with the aim of reconquering Granada. She became a disruptive influence in Aragon, plotting to advance the interests of her own sons over those of her stepson Infante don Pedro. After her second husband's death, don Pedro IV King of Aragon at first moved to confiscate her revenues and prosecute her protector don Pedro de Ejérica, but in 1338 he confirmed her and her sons in possession of their domains, not wishing to antagonise Castile at a time when Spain was threatened by a new Moorish invasion. She continued to plot against her stepson, eventually returning to Castile where she was also a disruptive influence. Her nephew don Pedro I "el Cruel" King of Castile imprisoned her with doña Juana de Lara and ordered her murder. King Alfonso IV & his second wife had two children: 8. Infante don FERNANDO de Aragón (11 Dec 1329-murdered Burriana 16 Jul 1363). The Crónica de San Juan de la Peña names "Ferrando…et el otro Don Joan" as the two sons of King Alfonso and his second wife, stating Fernando was "Marques de Tortosa"[383]. Created Marqués de Tortosa by his father, at the instigation of his mother, the creation being revoked shortly afterwards following pressure from his stepbrother Infante Pedro. Señor de Albarracín y Fraga. After the death of his half-brother Infante don Jaime's in 1347, Fernando assumed leadership of the opposition movement, encouraged by his maternal uncle Alfonso XI King of Castile. He inflicted a military defeat on Pedro IV's Valencian supporters and obliged Pedro IV to recognise him as his heir and appoint him Governor of Valencia. In July 1348, Pedro IV defeated don Fernando, who was wounded and taken to Castile. Pedro IV temptedhim back to Aragon and appointed him Procurator-General in 1357. Fernando proved a troublesome ally throughout Pedro IV's war with Pedro I "el Cruel" King of Castile, whose throne Fernando claimed. Eventually he was murdered on the orders of the King of Aragon. m (Evora 3 Feb 1354) Infanta dona MARIA de Portugal, daughter of dom PEDRO I King of Portugal & his second wife doña Constanza Manuelde Castilla (Evora 6 Apr 1343-Aveiro after 1367, bur Santarem São Francisco). Senhora de Aveiro 1363. She became a nun at Santorem after her husband died. 9. Infante don JUAN de Aragón (1334-murdered Bilbao Jun 1358). The Crónica de San Juan de la Peña names "Ferrando…et el otro Don Joan" as the two sons of King Alfonso and his second wife[384]. Señor de Elche, Biel y Bolsa. Alférez mayor of Pedro I "el Cruel" King of Castile 25 Feb 1355 to Jun 1358. m (Castojeriz Jul 1354[385]) doña ISABEL Díaz de Haro, daughter of don JUAN Núñez de Lara [Castilla] Señor Soberanode Vizcaya & his wife doña María Díaz de Haro ([1335]-murdered Castillo de Jérez 1361). She succeeded her sister in 1359 as Señora de Lara, Señora Soberana de Vizcaya. Imprisoned by Pedro I King of Castile, first at Castrojeriz, subsequently at Jérez where she shared a cell with Queen Blanca. She was poisoned. Infante don Juan had one illegitimate child by an unknown mistress: a) FLORENCIA de Aragón ([1358]-). m (separated[386]) PIERRE bâtard de Foix dit de Béarn, illegitimate son of GASTON [II] Comte de Foix Vicomte de Béarn & his mistress ---. -------------------- Alfonso IV of Aragon From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia After widowing, Alfonso married Eleanor of Castile, who was betrothed to his brother James, who had refused to consummate the marriage. She was the sister of Alfonso XI of Castile. Children by Eleanor of Castile: Ferdinand, Marquis of Tortosa John, married Isabel Núñez de Lara and was killed by order of his cousin Pedro of Castile


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