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  • Born 29 July 1775 - Surry Co., North Carolina
  • Deceased 20 March 1852 - Newnan, Coweta Co., Georgia,aged 76 years old
  • Buried - Newnan, Coweta Co., Georgia, Robert Duke Cole Cemetery


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On the side of Hannah Whitaker


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Alternative birth from Ashley Blue cole is 6 July 1775 in Sussex Co., Virginia

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He was born in the northwest corner of North Carolina, now Surry Co., NC along the Yadkin River. It was here that so many of the Scotch and the Irish early settlers had escaped the Indians by fleeing down the Shenandoah Valley from the western reaches of Pennsylvania, as had the father of Daniel Boone, following the fiasco of General Braddock. Robert's father William Cole, an Army spy during the Revolutionary War was captured by the British. He died in British prison at Georgetown, S. C.

Robert had bought land just east of the present town of Covington. This land spear headed into Creek indian territory and at that time, was the most westerly settlement along the entire frontier of Georgia. He bought it from Prettyman Knowles for $400.00, who had drawn the parcel in the First Land Lottery of 1807, 202+ acres. The names of the counties herein involved were first Baldwi, then Randolph, Jasper, then it became a part of Newton Co. on 24 Dec 1821, including Roberts farm, Land Lot 34 (see deed). He accumulated much land andbecame wealthty for that time. But he had reared an orphaned niece who later married a Dr. Henry Gaither, then having control of his wife's estate, sued Robert Cole in Newton county for having used land and slaves without remuneration and obtained judgement for many thousands of dollars. All of his property was then attached. He was wiped out financially. He moved, first into Henry county and then later, 1830, into Coweta on land that had been recently ceded by the Creek Indians. He built a home on this land just south of present Palmeto, Georgia and his house still stands just eas of highway 29 (Lawrenceville Highway). It has been wned by the Arnold family since before the Civil war.

Jan 25 1826 - Edmund Knowles of Newton Co. to Robert Cole for $1200.00 paid by Robert Cole "all of that tract or parcel of land lying and being in Newton containing 250 acres, knows in the pla of survey by lots No. 306 in the first district, originally Walton Co.,

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 Family Tree Preview

John Cole ca 1728-ca 1808 Lucy Duke  

William Cole ca 1750-1785 Hannah Whitaker

Robert Duke Cole 1775-1852