• sosa François †1766/, son of Pierre and Marguerite Veyrine, married to Marguerite Veyrine in 1735.
  • sosa Guillaume ca 1754-1812, son of François and Marguerite Veyrine, married to Thérèse Faye in 1766.
  • sosa Jeanne 1843-1897/, daughter of Maurice and Marie Dumont, married to Léonard Bourdeau in 1860.
  • sosa Léonard 1780-1826, son of Guillaume and Thérèse Faye, married to Catherine Buxeraud in 1798.
  • sosa Maurice ca 1813-, son of Léonard and Catherine Buxeraud, married to Marie Dumont in 1839.
  • sosa Pierre †1735/, married to Marguerite Veyrine.