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 flamengosfaial is a regularly updated genealogicaldatabase mainly for the parish of Flamengos (Freguesia dosFlamengos, Faial , Azores) from the 1600s to 1911 .

But people from otherparishes of the island of Faial or from other islands (Pico, São Jorge, Terceira, Graciosa, Flores, Corvo, São Miguel and Santa Maria ) can also be foundhere.

Genealogical informationfrom church records (Centro do Conhecimento dosAçores) has been collected andanalysed and this way many families' ancestors  (though notall) have been traced back and many family trees have been rebuiltseveral generations back in time.

? or X or N... havebeen added next to first names for children or single people withno family name.



So far, here iswhat type of  information you will find on your ancestors:





  • Born - Freguesia de Castelo Branco, Ilha do Faial, Açores, Portugal
  • Soldado

 Spouses and children


  • Individual, family: Centro do Conhecimento dos Açores, Registos Paroquiais, Flamengos, Ilha do Faial

 Family Tree Preview