Family Tree owner : Flemming Willum PETERSEN (flemmingwillum)
This family tree is created by my brother and me, kickstarted by our grandmother trying to find information about her grandfather, whom she never had known, as he died only 25 years old. Our ancestors are consisting of about 65% danes whereof somewhat 50 % comes from the island of Lolland. Furthermore there is 25% polacks and 10% swedes. We have not yet sought information about the polish ancestors, but the danish and swedish branches are for a fair part quite well-known.

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      Sjørup, Lysgaard Sogn | Vejleby, Vejleby Sogn | Daugbjerg, Daugbjerg Sogn | Tjaereby Kirke | København | Vedskølle, Tjaereby Sogn | Øster Ulslev, Øster Ulslev Sogn | Thorslunde, Thorslunde Sogn | Raa, Hillested Sogn | Langø, Kappel Sogn | Freilev, Kettinge Sogn. | Nysted Købstad | Flintinge, Toreby Sogn | Brandstrup, Tirsted Sogn | Ukendt Sted
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