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FORSBACH Genealogy

  • Né le 27 janvier 1756 - Hagenaur House, Salzburg, Austria
  • Baptisé (28_Jan_1756,_Salzburg_Cathedral) - Taufregister der Dompfarre Salzburg
  • Décédé le 5 décembre 1791 - Wien, Austria , à l’âge de 35 ans


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Known as: WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART. He was born in a house at Getreidegasse 9 in Salzburg (Hagenaur House)which is now a Mozart Museum and later lived at Marketplatz 8 (Tanzmeisterhaus). Only two of the composer's six children lived to adulthood. His funeral was held at St. Stephans in Wien, Austria and burial was in an unmarked, communal grave at Saint Marx's Village Cemetery in Wien. In 1801 his remains were comingled with others and reinterred at Wien Zentralfriedhof. He was a Freemason since 1784 starting as an apprentice in the Masonic Lodge called Zur Wohltatigkeit and later a member of the Lodge Zur gekrönten Hoffnung.

He never called himself "Amadeus" and never went to school. He didn't walk until reaching the age of three. During the ten years he lived in Wien he moved nine times. Each move was to less expensive lodgings. He died in his apartment in Rauhensteingasse. The only Mozart house preserved in Wien today is the Figarohaus where he lived from Oct of 1784 to 1787 located behind St. Stephan's Cathedral. The most stinging criticism of his work was by Emperor Joseph after listening to a German Singspiel, "Too many notes, my dear Mozart". Mozart Square in Salzburg with the statue by Ludwig Schwanthaler was unveiled in 1842. That ceremony was attended by his two surviving sons.

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 Aperçu de l'arbre

Johann Georg MOZART 1679-   Anna Maria SULZER 1696-1766   Wolfgang Nikolaus PERTL 1667-1724   Eva Rosina Barbara Euphrosina ALTMANN 1688-1755
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Johann Georg Leopold MOZART 1719-1787   Anna Maria Walburga PERTL
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Johann Chrysostomus Wolfgang Theophilus "Wolfgang Amadeus" MOZART 1756-1791

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