• GELAS ca 1865-, son of Armand Emile and Jenny CATOU, with Louise HUOT.
  • sosa HERME, with Magdeleine BENOIT.
  • JARLOT, with Marguerite GELAS.
  • MARANDON, with Marcelle GELAS.
  • sosa MAZAUDIER ca 1735-, son of Jean, married to Claire JAUFFRET in 1763.
  • sosa MÉALLARES ca 1685-, son of Jean and Lucrèce GUILHOU, married to Isabeau TEISSIER in 1709.
  • sosa PIOLY †ca 1832, with Marie CHAREYRON.
  • PLANTEVIN, son of Joseph and Lucie PASCALON, with Agnes PIGNAL.
  • SAUZE †ca 1687, married to Anne GIDROL in 1657.