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Colonel du Régiment de Berwick

  • Born about 1760 - CORK (Irlande)
  • Deceased in 1828 - PARIS 75 , age at death: possibly 68 years old
  • Colonel au régiment de Berwick



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Individual Note

As a boy of twelve years, he was sent to France by his widowed mother, and was adopted there by his uncle, the Abbe Swanton. Upon completing his education, he entered Berwick s regiment of the Irish Brigade in 1780, and by 1789, he had reached the rank of captain.

After the outbreak of the Revolution, he, with eighteen other officers of the old royalist army, was imprisoned at Perpignan, France, in 1792. When a rumor reached his wife that he was in danger of execution, she hastened to Paris and, through the influence of a deputy of the National Convention, secured his release. Unlike so many others of the old royalist officers, he remained loyal to his adopted country and did not emigrate.

Promoted to the rank of colonel, he fought through the Revolutionary and early Napoleonic campaigns, during which he was an intimate friend of Henry Clarke, Duke of Feltre and War Minister of Napoleon. His great-grand-daughter, Mrs. Belloc Lowndes, the notable English novelist and sister of Hilaire Belloc, describes him as a typical officer of the old school: stern, narrow-minded, very brave and with a high sense of duty. He died in 1828 in Paris at the house of his daughter, Madame Belloc [ née Swanton ]

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 Family Tree Preview

Y SWANTON ca 1690-   X X ca 1700-    
| |

Godefroy SWANTON ca 1725-   Marie WHITE ca 1735-
| |

James SWANTON, Colonel du Régiment de Berwick ca 1760-1828

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