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Gouverneur de la Louisiane (1776 - pour l'Espagne), Brigadier (septembre 1800)

  • Né le 4 septembre 1736 (mardi) - ALICANTE (Espagne)
  • Décédé le 25 novembre 1800 (mardi) - LA NOUVELLE ORLÉANS, Louisiane (USA) , à l’âge de 64 ans
  • Lieutenant gouverneur puis gouverneur des territoires de Louisiane pour l'Espagne



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Secondary education at College of Orihuela. Appointed cadet in infantry regiment of Zamora,February 1758; stationed in Havana from 1763 to summer 1769, when he joined O'Reilly's expedition to Louisiana. While the ships waited at the mouth of the Mississippi, went in a small boat to New Orleans to notify Aubry, the former acting French governor, of O'Reilly's arrival and to investigate and to report on the city's reaction (July 1769) ; served as interpreter at the subsequent trial of the insurrection leaders.

Promoted to brevet captain and appointed adjutant of the newly formed Louisiana Battalion,November 1769. Promoted to the rank of full captain,October 1772. Accused of keeping unsatisfactory battalion records and suspended,December 1773 ; reinstated,April 1774.

Visited Spain 1775-1776; in August 1776 submitted to Spanish government a lengthy memoria describing the natural resources,population, and exposed position of the colony of Louisiana, and making recommendations for remedial action.

this led to his appointment as lieutenant-governor of Louisiana in charge of new settlements, commerce, and Indian relations, November 1776, a position he held until 1780.

Promoted to rank of brevet lieutenant-colonel, August 1777.

In April 1779, under his authority over new settlements, founded New Iberia with settlers from Malaga, Spain. Bouligny Plaza in New Iberia commemorates this event. In August 1779 left New Iberia with 40 men to join the military force that Governor Galvez had assembled at Plaquemine; participated in the capture of Fort Bute de Manchac and Baton Rouge, September 1779. Participated in the siege of Mobile after visiting the fort under a flag of truce in an effort to persuade the British commander to surrender,1780. At the siege of Pensacola,1781, led the assault on the outpost that had been breached, tearing down the enemy flag with his own hands, 1781. In 1783, as acting military governor in the absence of Miro directed the operations leading to the capture of the St.Malo band of runaway slaves.

Appointed full lieutenant-Colonel,July 1785. In command at Natchez to protect from a threatened attack from Georgia, 1785-1786. Appointed brevet colonel, August 1789. Promoted to rank of full colonel in command of the Louisiana Infantry Regiment, succeeding Pedro Piernas, September 1791.

Became acting governor for military affairs on death of Governor Gayoso, served July-September 1799.

Promoted to rank of brigadier, September 1800.;i=3560586

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Jean BOULIGNY 1696-1772   M Antoinette PARET ca 1703-1758
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Francisco BOULIGNY, Gouverneur de la Louisiane 1736-1800

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