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Sportif Tennis

  • Geboren op 15 juni 1874 (maandag)
  • Overleden in 1955 , leeftijd bij overlijden: 81 jaar oud

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The years 1904-1908 are probably the most obscure in the history of the women's singles event at the Closed French Championships. However, it appears that Kate, or Katie, Gillou won the event in question every year during this period, except in 1907.

Certainly Kate Gillou did exist – at least one photograph of her can be found on the internet. "Le Figaro" mentions her several times during these years and includes a short report on her wedding to a René Fenwick in March 1906. Kate had a lawn tennis-playing sister called Antoinette, who was not quite as good as her. --

The other winner of the women's singles event at the Closed French Championships during this period appears to have been the Countess de Kermel, born Thérèse Villard on 15 June 1874. She married Count Olivier de Kermel in Paris, France, on 30 September 1899. ("Le Figaro" had announced their engagement a few months earlier.)

A Mme de Kermel did definitely play some lawn tennis in France in the years circa 1907-1909. This might well have been the Countess de Kermel. She died in 1955.
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Mademoiselle d'Elva ?? :

Catherine d'Aliney d'Elva

In the final match at the Closed French Championships in 1907, the countess won the first set, 6-1, against a Mlle d'Elva before the latter retired. It appears that Katie Fenwick was not defending her singles title in 1907.

Mlle d'Elva, the runner-up, is one of the most obscure players to have taken part in the Closed French Championships. She did not play much competitive lawn tennis at all.


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