• Born 19 May 1885 - Sokoly, near Bialystok, Poland
  • Deceased 25 January 1946 - Bronx, Bronx County, New York,aged 60 years old


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On the side of Moishe Bialystozki 1860-1914


Individual Note

Religion: Jewish
Judith Bialis emigrated to the United States aboard the S. S. Kroonland, which departed from Antwerp, Belgium, arriving in New York, New York on September 21, 1905. After immigration, she was known as Jennie or Genie Bailes.

Jennie was naturalized on November 13, 1922, in Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Notes from Uncle Albie: " I can only tell u that the only name I & the family ever had was Scavron. I never knew any other derivative of it. My father Sam came to U.S. in 1905 on the Rotterdam liner. U might check the the old ship records for names,as well. My mothers maiden name was Jennie Bailes & I don't know how or where she got that name.She was originally from a small town near Bialystok known as Sokolka or Sokolo (map reference approx 52*N-22 E) in Poland, not Russia. Those towns were razed by the Germans, people put into a synagogue and burned. Some that got out were machine gunned, & a few escaped. I had the sad task of telling my father that a good part of his family that were still there were killed. There are no records to delve into. Lena, my grandmother was brought to America, like a lot of others, thru HIAS (Hebrew Immigration Aid Society), which u might look up. Also U should make a ! trip to Ellis Island that has a lot of history & facts that might help. As I told u in our last communication, we left Asbury Park as a family in 1932. The Rubins were another family, whom my fathers sister married into. Also another sister married a Morris Vorchin & they lived in Manasquan, NJ. My fathers brother,who lived in Asbury had 2 sons, Irving & Herman, and a daughter Rose (Ruchel in Yiddish). I believe all of them r dead now since they were all older than me. As u can surmise, there were no people to keep records of things in those days. U might try another source known as YIVO. I' ll look around for some pix but don't expect too much , if anything. Being the youngest, I was not privy to a lot of things in those years. " 7/15/2003


  • Individual, Spouse: Vital Record - copy of original record - files, G. Bonnet/C. Bloomgarden

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Abraham Bialystozki Gailig ?  

Moishe Bialystozki 1860-1914 Leia Paswenczinsky

Judith (Jenny) Bialis 1885-1946