John Louis

  • Bush 1762-, son of Daniel Joseph and Diane Louise Subbis, married to Mary Helen Hamilton in 1796.
  • Domingue 1858-1941, son of Antoine Masonto and Cécile Victoire Marie Bergeron, married to Célestine Adelaide Guidry in 1882.
  • LaPrarie 1876-1918, married to Sidonia White.
  • McCartney 1815-, married to Marie Laura Landry in 1848.
  • Miller 1870-1954, son of Augustin and Louise Sonnier.
  • Ory 1847-1920, son of Lezin and Melanie Cambre, married to Marie Victoria Chauffe in 1873.
  • Part 1891-, son of Augustin and Alvina Brigitte Chauvin.
  • Terracina 1917-1986, son of Vincent Paul and Philodia Marie Bergeron.