Auguste Jean Baptiste

  • BLANCHARD 1792-1849, son of Auguste and Ne N, married to Augustine Joséphine Jane BRENET in 1815
  • CHEVALIER 1817-, son of Antoine and Joséphine VERNARELLE, married to Julie Élisabeth GERMAIN in 1841
  • CHUPIN 1878-, son of Augustin and Jeanne BOURGET, married to Marie Joséphine GARNIER in 1906
  • JOUIS 1892-1985, married to Félicité Marie Louise SIMONNEAU in 1920
  • NÉLATON 1807-1873, son of Alexandre Pierre François and Marie-Louise LAURIAU, married to Marie Pauline HÉLUIS in 1839
  • RIPOCHE 1880-, son of Jean Joseph and Jeanne TOUBLANC, with Marie Josephine SAUVÈTRE
  • ROUBILLE 1872-1955, son of Jean and Marie Clémence PIGNOL, married to Marie Malpeyre in 1903