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 Get involved in the General Slocum family tree project!


 1 - E-mail contact info

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the General Slocum Families tree! Please contact us by e-mail at [email protected] with "General Slocum" in the subject line if you have any questions, if you wish to provide details, additions or simply participate in data entry.

As the tree grows and more contributors join the project, we will be asking the group if anyone wants to step up as coordinator.

 2 - Discussion forum

A dedicated discussion forum thread has been created for this project, don't hesitate to visit to talk, to ask questions, etc.:

 3 - Data entry rules to be carefully followed!

We would like this resource to be a living memorial to those who perished and suffered, so accuracy is important. Before adding a person, be sure there is documentary evidence (which you may want to enter in the notes when adding data). Keep in mind name variants - check to be sure the person isn't already in the tree!

Prerequisites: For project participants, we are looking for relatively independent people, experienced with genealogical research and ideally accustomed to online data entry on Geneanet (it's easy to learn if you haven't done it yet). Please be aware that we will not have time to explain the basics of data entry or research, so please think carefully before offering to participate. You don't have to commit for weeks or months, you can just spend a few hours here and there according to your schedule, but we still ask everyone to let the coordinator know if they want to quit. No one will blame you, don't worry!

Data entry standards:

  • Persons' names: FAMILY NAME IN UPPERCASE, First Name(s) With First Letter Capitalized, "Usual First Name" if known in quotes or added as Alternate First Name. If there is an alternate (mis)spelling of a family name, add it as an Alternate Last Name.
  • Place names: Choose a name from the list available in the data entry form, specifically Address - Village/Town - Region - Country. If a place name is not in the list, add it anyway and we will link it to the modern place name (or the name as it appears in our places database).
  • Professions: only real professions, no other indications!
  • Nobility Titles: VERY IMPORTANT: this field is exclusively reserved to qualify people; it is OBLIGATORY for every person in the General Slocum tree. Choose a "title" from the Title nomenclature list below.
  • Sources: Please specify the source for each person by adding a link to an image or an archive register (when possible, it's even better to publish the document image), or the accession/call number and image number; for data from Geneanet, indicate the tree ID.

Inherent limitations of a collaborative tree:

  • No Gedcom export is possible (save in exceptional cases).
  • Data entry of descendants: Please avoid publishing the names of living people as this is a public tree.

Photos and documents

  • We are very interested in any photos you may have of your ancestors!
  • NEVER send photos found on the Internet without first verifying that they are royalty-free, if not they will be deleted (in Google Images, use "Tools > Usage Rights: Creative Commons licenses". Note: photos from Gallica, RetroNews and other library repositories are royalty-free in principle.
  • The coordinator can link photos from the Geneanet database, such as gravestones or others, contact the coordinator for more information.

Title nomenclature

We use the "Nobility Title" field to indicate the status of a person in this tree as of June 1904:

  • Injured (with hospital name in notes)
  • Missing (body never found)
  • Not Aboard
  • Predeceased (a parent or child in the family who died before June 15, 1904)
  • Unborn (children born to parents after the disaster)
  • Uninjured (aboard, but not hospitalized; of course, some came home wounded)
  • Victim (body identified and death certificate issued)

The summary table indicates the title corresponding to each person. If there is an error, of course you may correct that, just be sure you have documentary evidence.

Contact the coordinator by e-mail or on the forum if you have a question!

 4 - How do I start?

  • Choose a person from the summary table; if you find a person not on the list, you may of course add them to the tree (don't forget to give them a title)
  • Check carefully that the person has not already been added to the tree by clicking on the list of titles
  • Find the original acts in the archives: careful, there may have been errors in what was recorded!
  • Enter birth, marriage, death events, profession, etc.
  • Do not forget to correctly enter the title indicated in the table
  • Do some genealogy of the person!

 5 - Data entry help

 5.1 - Create a new individual

To create a new individual, not attached to any others, click on "Menu" and select "Choose a family":


 5.2 - Quick access

You can find the main links to these instructions at any time by making them appear or disappear thanks to a small question mark to the left of the tree title, see below:


 5.3 - Contact someone

Use the "Community > Search Member" menu to contact a person: