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Aupres de mon arbre, je vivais heureux,

                                                            J'aurais jamais....                       

Bienvenue sur l'arbre de      S  Y  L  V  A  I  N       C  L  A  U  D  E

 Gabriel (C)


  • A
    • AGES (des) 1490-, son of Guillaume and Anne de VILLARS, with Anne de FRANCIERES
  • C
    • COUJARD (de), son of Nicolas and Jehanne (C) TRIDON, with Claudine de VAUCORET
    • COUTAUD, son of Denis (C) and Marguerite (C) MAZALOUBAUD, with Françoise DAGRABIAUD
  • D
    • DARDY 1742-, son of Antoine (C) and Françoise CHAMBEREAU, married to Jeanne GACHON in 1769, Marguerite BRUJAS in 1784
  • G
    • GAUT 1729-1805, son of Jean (C) and Christine CHAMPENOIS, married to Anne (C) SERAIN in 1750
    • GUERRIER 1634-1694, son of Nicolas and Jeanne (C) LHOMME, married to Jeanne BLANCHET in 1657
  • L
    • LAPOTRE 1731-, son of Marit and Edmée BOSSU
    • LEFOL 1882-, son of Pierre Emile and Anne Josephine EDON, married to Élisa Anna Joséphine FONS in 1909
  • M
    • MACHECOURT, son of Jean (C) and Jeanne PIEUCHOT, with Jeanne LANGLADE
    • MARION 1720-1797, son of François (0) and Antoinette (Ta) GUY, with Marie MEUGNOT
    • MARTIN 1791-1876/, son of Gabriel (C) and Marie GUYOT, married to Claire TRICOT in 1823
    • MARTIN 1725-1795, son of Arnaud (C) and Marguerite LOUINOT, married to Pierette ROUBET in 1756
    • MARTIN, son of Pierre (C) and Marie GAUTHIER, married to Marie GUYOT in 1781
    • MAUNOURY 1850-1926, son of Alphonse Charles (C) and Maria Amarandine BOULLE
    • MESSEY (de), son of François (C), father of Ignace (C)
  • O
    • ORLIANGES 1738..1742-, son of Jean (C) and Marie (Ca) CHADEBECH, married to Marie (Ca) JAGAILLOU in 1771, Marie Anne (Ca) MAZALOUBAUD in 1773
  • P
    • PARBELLE, son of Jean and Élisabeth (C) ROUGIER, with Marguerite GUEITON
    • PAUTY 1871-, child of François and Claudine COSTE
    • PAUTY 1785-1846, son of Jean (Oa) and Antoinette (C) TOUNISSOU, married to Jeanne VERVIALLE in 1821
    • PIETREQUIN, son of Etienne (C) and Jeanne de la VALLÉE, with Guyette SAUVAGE
  • R
    • RAMAGE 1720-, son of François (O) and Marie JANDOT, married to Françoise JEUNET in 1742
    • RAPHANNEAU, son of Gabriel RAPHANNAUD and Jeanne(C) ROUGIER, father of Jeanne (C)
    • REGNAULT 1823-, son of Gabriel (C) and Madeleine GILLOT
    • REGNAULT, son of Jean and Marie Louise (C) GILLOT, married to Madeleine GILLOT in 1818
    • RIGOINE, son of Catherin and Anne Marie (C) BRAMERET, married to Simone HARNET in 1707
    • ROUGIER 1719-, son of Jean (C) and Jeanne MARTIN
    • ROUZEAU, son of Jean (O) and Marie (T) MAUBLANC, with Jeanne (C) MARCERON
  • S
    • SUCHETET 1806-1807, son of Jean Marie (C) and Marie Reine (Ca) BIENAYME