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Aupres de mon arbre, je vivais heureux,

                                                            J'aurais jamais....                       

Bienvenue sur l'arbre de      S  Y  L  V  A  I  N       C  L  A  U  D  E

 Gabriel (O)

  • BARTHON 1715-, son of Jean and Jeanne DESRUES, married to Sylvaine MERIGOT in 1734
  • CHANTOUX 1651-1671, son of Bertrand and Perrine (Cs) MOINNERIE
  • COLOMBY †/1771, son of Gabriel and Jeanne OULLIER, married to Louise VIALLE in 1727
  • COTTET 1687-, son of Edmé and Barbe NOURY
  • GRAVERON, son of Silvain and Jeanne la Jeune (C) RAPHANNAUD, married to Jeanne (Ta) RAPHANAUD in 1765
  • GUENEAU 1659-1711, son of Gilbert Albert and Jeanne CHAMBAUD, married to Julienne (Ta) BOURDIER in 1676
  • JAILLARD 1837-, son of Jean and Jeanne DAIGNEAU, married to Marie BOURDELIER in 1859, Claire ROBILLOT in 1869
  • KIRSCHNER 1641-1700/, son of Mathias and Madeleine STOTZINGER, married to Marie (Ta) SCHUTZ in 1669
  • PLAZANET 1700-, son of François and Catherine BESSETTE
  • ROUGIER, son of Sylvain, with Jeanne THEVENET
  • SAUTEREAU, son of Jean and Marie ROBILLARD, married to Marie PICARD in 1752, Marie (Ta) FERIEN in 1752
  • le DRET 1659-1725, son of François le DREST and Françoise GASTELIER, married to Marie DELAUNOY in 1689, Nicole FAUVET in 1698