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Aupres de mon arbre, je vivais heureux,

                                                            J'aurais jamais....                       

Bienvenue sur l'arbre de      S  Y  L  V  A  I  N       C  L  A  U  D  E

 Marie (Ta)


  • A
    • AMBRUN (d') 1734-1813, daughter of François and Laurence MENESTRIER, married to Jacques (O) SUCHETET in 1761
  • B
    • BABARIT, with François CHARRIER, François GENDREAU in 1765
    • BELIN 1765-1825, daughter of Paul and Marie BARILLOT, married to François (O) JOVET in 1786
    • BLOUARD, with Pierre (O) COUSSEAU
    • BOUTHEAU, married to Léonard (O) TARDY in 1730
  • C
    • CANUET, married to Pierre (O) GOSSOIN in 1691
    • CONAN †1678/, daughter of Nn, with Bertevaux (O) GUILLAUME
    • COULON, married to Claude (O) SUINOT in 1712
    • CUGNOT 1667-1714, daughter of Albert and Claude FAUCON, married to Martin (O) CHEUTIN in 1689
  • D
    • DELAVILLE 1701-1762, married to Antoine (O) GIOUX in 1729
    • DESHUET 1700-1740, daughter of Gabriel and Blaisette SOURIS, married to Jean (O) BOIGEOT in 1729
    • DOUE, married to Pierre (O) PRAT in 1699
    • DUMEREY 1686-1758, daughter of Nicolas and Marie DELINOTTE, married to Jacques (O) GUIARD in 1711
  • F
    • FAUGERON, daughter of Jean and Catherine LABOUCHEIX, married to Antoine (O) PINAUD in 1802
    • FERIEN 1720-1759, daughter of Roch and Gabrielle LAFRANCHISE, married to Jean (C) FREBAULT in 1740, Gabriel (O) SAUTEREAU in 1752
  • G
    • GALLAND, married to Blaise (O) MANDONNET in 1707
    • GICQUEL, daughter of Jacques and Marie GALLIOT, married to Joseph (O) PERRIN in 1771
  • L
    • LEVAUDOIS, married to Pierre (O) CAZIN in 1712
    • LUCET, with Calixte (O) GENISSON
  • M
    • MAUBLANC, daughter of Antoine and Jeanne COQUETON, married to Léonard (O) DEBELLUT in 1715
    • MINET , married to Jacques (O) FREBAULT in 1653
  • P
    • PETIT, married to Léonard (O) TARDY in 1753
    • PEYRAT 1879-1967, daughter of Jean and Jeanne JANDON, married to Alexandre Leonard (O) CIPIERRE in 1901
    • POUGEOIS, with Michel (O) HOUELLE
    • PRE, daughter of Nicolas, with Daniel (O) BOUVIER
  • R
    • RABREAU, married to Louis (O) GABORIAU in 1780
    • ROBIN 1684-, daughter of Louis and Marie PICHENOT, married to Pierre (O) DUSOULIER in 1710
  • S
    • SCHUTZ 1652-, daughter of André and Odile HEICH, married to Gabriel (O) KIRSCHNER in 1669
    • SEPTIER 1707-, married to Martin (O) MERCIER in 1728
    • ST MARCOU, daughter of Jean and Marie VIALLE, married to Jean (O) VIALLE in 1739
  • V
    • VAULTE, with Antoine (O) CATHOLY
  • W
  • l