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 Marie Charlotte

  • AUVRAY, married to Félix AMIOT.
  • BAUSSARD 1733-, daughter of Charles and Marie Anne BEZOU.
  • BAZIN 1783-1852, daughter of Guillaume and Charlotte Henriette LEPETIT, married to Michel MÉNARD in 1811.
  • BLOT 1766-, daughter of Guillaume and Marguerite Madeleine Charlotte JUË, married to Michel POUBELLE in 1808.
  • BOULAIS 1759-1759, daughter of Jacques and Marie Madeleine MOUILLARD.
  • BRIARD 1767-1844, married to Guillaume DUCHESNAY in 1794.
  • CERTAIN 1746-, daughter of François Henry and Marie COURTOIS.
  • FRESNE (DU) ca 1645-1703/, daughter of Olivier and Rolande de FRÉVAL, married to Jean DECROUEN in 1667.
  • GRAY de FLEURY (de) 1758-, daughter of Charles François and Marie Charlotte Sébastienne LE MASSON de VADELAINCOURT.
  • GUY 1809-1865, daughter of Nicolas François and Marie Madeleine BURON, married to Louis François Toussaint MOISSERON in 1831.
  • LETOUZEY 1712-, daughter of Gaud François and Marie Anne MARIETTE.
  • REYNOLD, married to Jean Jacques BUMAN in 1674.
  • TSCHARLAUDI, married to François Joseph GADY.
  • VAUX 1700-, daughter of Claude and Françoise TOUSSY.