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merci a genesylclaude, vincent lebret,dominique simonet,marie eve kuser,jean millot,denis gaucher,pascal copin,jacques julien,laurence delacoure,notaire 21,et les ad 21,52,10,59,62,02,et les autres sans oublier ma cousine evelyne tavernier qui ma donne le virus de la genealogie


  • goddard, son of Asa and Lucy goddard, married to Czarina with.
  • goddard †1777, son of Edward and Hepzibah hapgood, married to Margaret stone.
  • howell †1775, son of Daniel, married to Mary baker.
  • huntingdon (de) 1144-1219, son of Henry and Adelaide de warenne, married to Maud d'avranches.
  • lindsay 1532-1613, son of Alexander and Rachel barclay, married to Joneta ramsay.
  • lindsay 1455-1527, son of Walter and Isabel levington, married to Katherine frotheringham.
  • lindsay, son of Alexander and Marjorie dunbar, married to Margaret ogilvy.
  • lindsay, married to Elizabeth stewart.
  • parent, married to Marie marolle.
  • rockefeller 1915-2017, son of John Davison and Abby Greene aldrich, married to x x.
  • smithson, married to Betty williiam.