Jean Baptiste, Jean-Baptiste

  • sosa GIUNTINI, son of Pierre and Myriam Jeanne Frédérique CAPOULADE.
  • GIUNTINI 1903-1987, son of Nicolas and Marie Françoise ORDIONI, married to Marie Antoinette Adélaide DETTORI in 1928.
  • sosa ORDIONI 1838-1926, son of Dominique Marie Triuli and Maria Francesca GIUNTINI, married to Marie Rose MARIOTTI in 1863.
  • TORTORA 1872-1954, son of Louis and Nonciade Marie (Nunzia) MAESTRACCI, married to Thérèse PERETTI in 1907.
  • TORTORA 1871-1871, son of Louis and Nonciade Marie (Nunzia) MAESTRACCI.