• Born about 1212
  • Deceased in 1266,aged about 54 years old
  • Buried - Monasterio de Santa María, San Esteban de Nogales, León, Castilla y León, Spain
  • Infanta de León


 Spouses and children


On the side of Alfonso King of León and Galicia,El Baboso Leon of Burgundy, King of Leon and Galicia 1171-1230



Individual Note

Aldonza Alfonso of León (ca. 1212/ca. 1215-1266), daughter of Alfonso IX 'el Baboso' Fernández Rey de León e Aldonza Martínez da Silva, wife, first, of Diego Ramírez Froilaz, nephew of her stepfather, without issue, and, second, of Pedro Ponce de Cabrera, (ca. 1210-), and had issue, ancestors of the notorious Ponce de León family.


Daughter of King AlfonsoIX of León and his mistress, the Lady Aldonza Martínez de Silva



title of nobility: Infanta

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Genealogía del Libertador Ramón Darío Suárez

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