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Je remercie tous les membres de GENEANET pour leurs contributions et plus particulièrement Gisèle MASSERET (gmcharbot) Maurice CATTIN (mauricenoel) ainsi que (aduboischabert).

 Pierre, André

  • BALME 1859-1924, son of Pierre and Victoire, Amélie GUILLE, married to Anne, Marie, Joséphine ROUX in 1886
  • BARTHELEMY 1818-, son of Paul and Magdelaine, Jeanne, Françoise RETOURNA
  • BERTHOUL 1822-, married to Sophie, Marie, Eulalie FAURE in 1884, Marguerite MARTIN
  • BLANC 1829- Pierre, André Prince
  • BLANC 1822-1823, son of Pierre, André Prince and Marie PORTE
  • BLANC 1798-1875/, son of Jacques and Agathe BOSSE, married to Françoise REVERCHON in 1830
  • BLANC 1797- Pierre, André Prince
  • BORDAZ 1799-1884, son of Louis, Joseph and Marie, Anne LUZERAN, married to Marie, Marceline DOYON
  • BRACHET 1846-1850, son of Pierre and Euphrosine DUSSERT
  • CRET 1796-1796, son of Joseph and Jeanne PONCET
  • DAMPNE 1848-1893, son of Jean and Justine PERONNARD PERROT, married to Adèle BERNIER in 1877
  • FRIBOURG 1850-, married to Marie, Victorine GUINARD in 1880
  • JACQUIER 1845-, son of André and Marie Julie BELLIER, married to Marie, Anette HUMBERT in 1875, Marie, Emilie BERTHOLLON in 1879
  • MATUSSIERE 1897-1970, son of Louis, Edouard, Amable and Marie, Thérèse PICQUET DAMESME, married to Paule, Marie, Hélène, Suzane FAVRE GILLY
  • MAZET 1835-1900, married to Marie Joséphine CARRON in 1867, Marie MUTTE née TACON in 1870
  • PELLISSIER 1863-, son of Pierre and Célestine CHALVIN
  • PONCET 1860-, son of Pierre, André and Julie, Sabine Eugénie CHALON, married to Rosalie, Louise DENOUILLE in 1897
  • PONCET 1834-, son of Pierre and Louise PONCET, married to Julie, Sabine Eugénie CHALON in 1859
  • RIVOIRE 1832-1833, son of André and Louise GIROUD
  • RONNA 1840-1841, son of Joseph and Marie, Magdeleine ODDOUX
  • SORREL 1755-, son of Louis and Anne GUICHARD