• sosa Bien-Aimé 1828-1890, son of Pierre and Anne-Marie Louise ROUSIER, married to Blanche Charlotte Louise Anne FOUCHARD in 1869.
  • sosa Henri, Pierre, Marie ca 1869-1955, son of Bien-Aimé and Blanche Charlotte Louise Anne FOUCHARD, married to Marie, Octavie, Josèphine RATIER.
  • sosa Louis 1754-1828, son of Pierre and Marie GRUDÉ, married to Marguerite RUEL in 1779.
  • sosa Pierre †/1743, married to Françoise MOYNET in 1718.
  • sosa Pierre ca 1720-, son of Pierre and Françoise MOYNET, married to Marie GRUDÉ in 1743.
  • sosa Pierre 1787-1855, son of Louis and Marguerite RUEL, married to Anne-Marie Louise ROUSIER in 1815.
  • sosa Pierre 1902-1991, son of Henri, Pierre, Marie and Marie, Octavie, Josèphine RATIER, married to Andrée JOLY in 1929.