• sosa Ambroise, married to Marie COSNUAU in 1659.
  • sosa Ambroise †1712, son of Ambroise and Marie COSNUAU, married to Françoise DUTERTRE in 1697.
  • sosa Blanche Charlotte Louise Anne 1842-1913, daughter of Charles Louis and Caroline Anne COSSET, married to Bien-Aimé BRUNET in 1869.
  • sosa Charles Louis 1815-/1868, son of Louis René François and Anne Charlotte BEUCHER, married to Caroline Anne COSSET in 1839.
  • sosa Julien 1736-1798, son of Louis and Anne LE ROUX, married to Anne JOUSSE in 1779.
  • sosa Louis 1700-1748, son of Ambroise and Françoise DUTERTRE, married to Anne LE ROUX in 1723.
  • sosa Louis René François 1784-1820, son of Julien and Anne JOUSSE, married to Anne Charlotte BEUCHER in 1814.