• sosa Arsonval (d') 1723-1793, son of Pierre and Marie Hugon, married to Françoise Brinville in 1750.
  • sosa Arsonval (d') 1692-1737, son of Simon and Marie Boisse, married to Marie Hugon in 1716.
  • sosa Maledent ca 1480-1508..1532, son of Jehan, married to Catherine Dauvergne in 1508.
  • sosa Maledent †1375/, father of Jehan.
  • sosa Maledent †1483/, son of Jehan, father of Jehan.
  • sosa Martin ca 1506-1588, son of Pierre and Marguerite Gallichier, married to Anne Baignol in 1529.
  • sosa Martin 1481-1527, son of Jean and Anne de Chamberet, married to Marguerite Gallichier in 1504.