Jean Baptiste

  • sosa CATEZ , married to Michelle VERMEERSCH in 1666.
  • sosa GAULLE (de) 1756-1832, son of Jean Baptiste and Marie Victoire HUE, married to Anne Sophie Rose GAUSSEN in 1795.
  • sosa GAULLE (de) 1720-1797, son of Antoine and Anne REGNAULT, married to Marie Victoire HUE in 1770.
  • sosa JORIS , father of Marie Anne.
  • sosa PETIT 1670-1747, son of Paul and Marguerite de ROYELLES, married to Yolente LIÉNART in 1693.
  • sosa REGNAULT †/1713, son of Pierre and Agnès ARNOULD, married to Anne DAUNON in 1678.