• sosa DREYFUS 1756-1810, son of Irsraël and Elia BLOCH, married to Brendel MEYER in 1781.
  • sosa DREYFUS ca 1674-1739, son of Moïse, father of Meyer.
  • sosa KATZ 1756-1810, son of Hirtz and Reisle Rose LEVY, married to Bess LEVY in 1776.
  • NORDON , married to Breinlé ZAY.
  • SCHWAUBE ca 1590-1636, son of Isaïe Jacob, married to Rachel XXX in 1615.
  • SPIRE ca 1705-1793, son of Lion and Rébecca WERTH, married to Sara HARFERT in 1733.
  • WORMS ca 1450-, father of Méir Abraham.