• sosa BOULEAU 1803-1875, daughter of Julien and Julienne HOURDEL, married to Pierre-Jacques GERBAULT in 1825.
  • sosa CLAIVREUL, married to François CLAIVREUL.
  • sosa CLAVREUIL, daughter of François CLAIVREUL and Julienne CLAIVREUL, married to Ambroise MONTROND in 1678.
  • sosa HOURDEL 1780-1818, daughter of François and Perrine GERBAULT, married to Julien BOULEAU in 1799.
  • sosa ORRY 1696-, daughter of François ORY and Anne CHEVALIER, married to François MERIAS in 1722.
  • sosa THEBAULT †1719, married to Jacques BREHIN in 1695.